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4 Reasons to Feel Good About Buying Hankook Winter Tires

Hankook winter tires and all-seasons are renowned for a reason—well, more than one reason, actually. Today’s post highlights 4 reasons Canadian consumers feel great about buying Hankook winter tires year after year.

Enjoy Total Peace of Mind With Award-Winning Hankook Winter Tires

Over the years, Hankook winter tires have earned major rewards and recognition, including:

  • Winter i*Cept iZ2—This studless winter performance tire combines optimized directional pattern design and zigzag traction, which earned it REDDOT AWARD in 2016.
  • Winter i*Cept evo2—This ultra high performance studless winter tire with asymmetrical tread earned the REDDOT AWARD in 2015.
  • HankookDynapro AT2/MT2—These tough, off-road Hankook all-seasons tires handle any terrain in almost any weather, earning them the REDDOT AWARD in 2020.

You can browse their complete “trophy case” on the official Hankook winter tire website, or Find a TIRECRAFT shop near you to browse award-winning products in person!

Unlock The Four Functions of Hankook Winter Tires’ ‘Kontrol Technology’

Kontrol Technology’ is a philosophy that applies to Hankook’s entire research, development, and production process. It’s based on four distinct functions:

  • Performance—Hankook winter tires offer maximum durability and superior handling, even under the worst driving conditions.
  • Safety—Hankook’s all-season tires and winter upgrades both offer performance guarantees to enhance vehicle and driver safety in bad conditions.
  • Comfort—Designed with a “deeper understanding of how tires perform and behave in real world conditions,” Hankook winter tires limit noise, vibration, and harshness on the roads to optimize your driving experience.
  • Environment—Hankook winter tires simultaneously increase fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

By buying Hankook winter tires, you equip your vehicle with ‘Kontrol Technology’ and unlock all four of these functions.

Protect The Environment with Hankook Winter Tires

Hankook winter tires are crafted with an end-to-end commitment to environmental-friendliness, so that consumers can feel good knowing they’re helping to make a difference for our planet.

As stated above, ‘Kontrol Technology’ limits tire rotating resistance. This ensures that every set of Hankook winter tires lowers the amount of carbon dioxide emissions produced by your vehicle, which in turn reduces environmental pollution.

Additionally, Hankook is gradually replacing all oil byproducts, such as synthetic rubber, carbon black, and synthetic oil, with eco-friendly materials, and nowadays their corporate strategy is laser-focused on Building Sustainable Futures. By buying Hankook winter tires, you support these global green initiates while also making a difference locally with reduced emissions and improved gas mileage.

Durable Designs and Great Warranties Enhance Hankook Winter Tire Value

Hankook winter tires are built to last, and their average tread-wear mileage warranties are tough to beat, saving you big money over the long term. You can take a closer look at Hankook’s tread-wear mileage warranties on their official website, or contact a TIRECRAFT expert to learn more about the products we carry in-store.

At TIRECRAFT, Hankook’s warranty is bolstered by our Advantage Plus Program, which includes:

  • 12-month/20,000km mechanical warranty
  • 30-day Hankook winter tire satisfaction guarantee
  • FREE flat tire repairs and tire rotations
  • Road hazard coverage

Buy Hankook Winter Tires From A Local TIRECRAFT Expert

Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to locate a Hankook winter tire retailer near you and get a free quote on your new tires today!