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6 Reasons To Choose Hankook Tires For Your Next Off-Road Adventure

Today’s post spotlights one of the most popular Hankook tire options for off-road adventures: the Dynapro AT2 Xtreme. Read on to learn 6 reasons why Ontario drivers choose Hankook tires over other name-brand truck tires, or contact your local TIRECRAFT to schedule a tire consultation now.

6 Reasons To Choose Hankook Tires For Your Off-Road Adventure

1. The Hankook tire range is expanding to fit almost any truck. Hankook Tires just recently announced that they are expanding the Dynapro AT2 Xtreme range with an additional 43 size options. With 75 total size options now available, the Dynapro AT2 Xtreme covers 80% of the all-terrain market, including major light truck sizes 275/60R20, 275/65R18, and LT275/70R18, as well as all of the most popular floating sizes, such as 35X12.50R20 and 35X12.50R17. With so many Hankook tire sizes available, you’ll have no trouble finding the right fit, no matter what you drive.

2. These Hankook tires can truly take you anywhere. Whereas the Dynapro AT-m was designed to strike a balance between on and off-road driving, the Dynapro AT2 Xtreme lives up to its name by offering extreme off-road performance in any weather. While it retains much of the on-road features of the Dynapro AT-m, the AT2 Xtreme comes with a more aggressive shoulder design, enhanced noise reduction, and a 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake rating, with multi-directional grooves, sipes, and biting block edges for added traction in wet and snowy conditions. In short, these tires are up for any adventure, and they’ll perform well on the highways you take to the jump-off point.

3. Hankook tires have a generous tread wear warranty. Your Hankook tire treads are warrantied for over 100,000km of off-road adventure, thanks to their durable tread compound and ProMileage technology. And if you sign up for the Advantage Plus Program at your local TIRECRAFT, you can extend this coverage even further.

4. Hankook tires are built to keep you comfortable on and off the road. The Dynapro AT2 comes with staged block edges, aero shoulder design, and tie-bars to reduce road noise, optimize movement, and provide a more comfortable ride, so you can get more joy out of your off-road joy rides.

5. Award-winning Hankook Tire design. Adding to Hankook Tires’ already-packed trophy case, the Dynapro AT2 Xtreme was recently the recipient of the 2020 Red Dot Design Award, which is considered one of the most prestigious in the design industry.

6. Hankook tires are environmentally responsible. Not only are these Hankook tires warrantied for over 100,000km, which keeps them out of local landfills for longer, and designed for low rolling resistance, which lowers emissions and fuel costs; but Hankook Tires is also currently in the process of replacing all oil byproducts with eco-friendly materials. Accordingly, every dollar you spend on Hankook Tires supports global green initiatives while also making a difference locally through reduced emissions, lower waste, and improved gas mileage.

Browse All The Best Hankook Tires Under One Roof: Contact TIRECRAFT

Whether you’ve got a thirst for adventure or you just want a quality set of tires to carry you through your morning commute, Hankook has a tire for you, and your local TIRECRAFT can help you find it.

To browse all the best Hankook tires in one place, and get personalized recommendations from a certified tire specialist, contact your local TIRECRAFT.


Cole, B. (2022, August 17). Hankook tire adds 43 sizes to Dynapro AT2 Xtreme range. Tire Review.