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6 Ways To Save At A Tire Shop Near Me: Control Costs With TIRECRAFT

Looking for ways to save on your next tire service? TIRECRAFT is here to help. Contact a TIRECRAFT tire shop near you to take advantage of the following 6 cost control tips:

1.   Invest A Little, Save A Lot: Stay On Top Of Preventative Maintenance

The more you invest in preventative maintenance, the more likely you are to spot and fix minor problems before they turn into major expenses.

For instance, while a tire rotation may not have a drastic impact on your day-to-day driving experience right now, it could save you a great deal of uneven wear over time, allowing you to get an extra season or two out of your tires, and greatly reducing your risks of blowouts and other serious tire failures.

We recommend booking a tire rotation every 6 months or 10,000km of driving—whatever comes first. Check out our Auto Repair page to see our complete recommended preventative maintenance schedule, or get in touch with a TIRECRAFT tech near you to learn more.

2.   One-Stop Tire Shop Near Me: Save Money With Full-Service Repair

Since the dawn of the one-stop shop, full-service businesses have been helping clients save time and money by offering everything they want under one roof. And that’s exactly how we designed our tire shop, with customer convenience and cost control at the forefront of our minds.

By carrying all the top tire brands, and offering a comprehensive range of tire and auto repair/maintenance services under one roof, we not only save you the trouble of making multiple stops, but also increase your odds of catching problems early, even during unrelated services (e.g. spotting uneven wear during a seasonal tire changeover), because our technicians do it all.

What’s more, by working with a one-stop shop, you can make the most of customer loyalty programs. For example, if the tire shop in question offers rewards points like your local TIRECRAFT, you can rack up points with minor purchases and essential services, like oil changes, then cash them in for big savings on new tires, major repairs, or auto part upgrades.

3.   Tire Discounts And Rebate Programs: Save Big With TIRECRAFT

Think you need to buy straight from the manufacturer to access tire rebate programs? Think again. Our customers get access to all the standard rebate programs, alongside exclusive TIRECRAFT discounts, promotions, and packages, detailed in full on the TIRECRAFT Promotions page.

4.   My TIRECRAFT Rewards: Earn Discount Points For Every Dollar Spent

At TIRECRAFT, you’re more than just a customer, and that deserves more rewards!

By signing up for MyTIRECRAFT Rewards during your next appointment, you can start earning rewards points with every purchase, allowing you to drive down the cost of any future service or auto part upgrade.

5.   Advantage Plus Program: Extend Your Tire Coverage At TIRECRAFT

To get you even more for your money, we created the Advantage Plus Program, which includes road hazard coverage, free flat repairs and tire rotations, and a 12-month, 20,000km mechanical warranty, all of which combines seamlessly with your tire manufacturer’s existing Limited Warranty coverage.

6.   Free Consultations: Chat With A Tire Shop Near Me At No Charge

Get advice without paying a penny! Simply use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to get a free quote from a trusted tire shop near you.