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Best Tire Shop Near Me: Browse The Best Low Rolling Resistance Tires

Looking for personalized advice and honest recommendations on low rolling resistance tires? Read on or contact your local TIRECRAFT tire shop to get the best service and selection.

Are Low Rolling Resistance Tires Right For Me?

According to research by the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada (TRAC), 88% of Canadian motorists now “feel a strong obligation to protect the environment by ensuring their cars are as fuel-efficient as possible.” If you count yourself among them—or you just want to save more money at the pump—low-rolling resistance tires might be right for you.

According to one study by the National Research Council of Canada, choosing low rolling resistance tires (LRR), sometimes referred to as “fuel saving tires” or “eco-efficient tires,” could reduce fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions by 4-11%.

And while you do trade off some traction for low rolling resistance, laboratory testing using ASTM F1805 standards found “comparable levels of snow traction to non-LRR tires.”

In short, LRR tires are ideal for those looking to reduce emissions and save money at the pump, though they may not be suitable for those who drive in heavy snow and ice. For more personalized advice, contact your local TIRECRAFT expert.

Shop Near Me: What Are The Best Low Rolling Resistance Tires?

Best is a subjective term, because every drivers’ needs are objectively different. If you need help determining the best low rolling resistance tires for your unique driving habits, climate, and budget, contact your local TIRECRAFT expert—personalized tire recommendations are our specialty!

Having said that, there are plenty of “best of” lists available from reputable associations online, some of which may be of use to first-time buyers trying to narrow down their choices. For example, the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada (TRAC) recently listed the following “top-5” low rolling resistance tire picks in their Fuel Saving Tire Buying Guide:

  1. The Bridgestone Ecopia
  2. The Hankook Optimo H426
  3. The Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max
  4. The Toyo Versada Eco
  5. The Yokohama Avid Ascend

These are all fantastic picks, and they’re all available at your local TIRECRAFT.

Find The Best Tire Shop Near Me: Get A Quote From TIRECRAFT

With more than 250+ TIRECRAFT locations around the country, it’s never been easier to find “the best tire shop near me.” Just use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool, and you’ll get access to all the top low rolling resistance tires from top brands, including:

From the moment you begin your consultation, a dedicated tire tech will help you navigate our extensive catalog, creating a shortlist of recommendations based on your unique driving needs, preferences, local weather, and budget. And no matter what tire you choose, we have policies in place to add value and save you money, such as:

Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool on our website to get in touch with a low rolling resistance tire expert in your area.