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Bridgestone Tire Shop Near Me: Support Canada’s Green Future With TIRECRAFT

Bridgestone tire manufacturers are driving our industry towards a greener future, and you support their green initiatives every time you visit one of our Bridgestone tire shops to purchase tires.

Read on to learn about how your next tire upgrade could boost Bridgestone’s recycling and decarbonization goals, all while you save money at the pump, or contact your local TIRECRAFT to start a free Bridgestone tire consultation straight away.

Bridgestone Tire Shop Near Me: Support Green Tire Initiatives In 2022

According to the Tork Green Business Survey, 86% of Canadian consumers are committed to buying green products that support eco-friendly initiatives, and 87% of TRAC survey respondents agreed that they have a “moral obligation to protect the environment.” Indeed, for many of these shoppers, sustainability was even more important than cost savings, as a 2019 survey by PWC indicated that 65% of Canadians earning less than $50,000 per year were “willing to pay a premium for sustainable products.”

Clearly, Canadians are looking for ways to go green, and consumers are increasingly expecting brand values to align with theirs. If you’re among them, you’re in luck, as Bridgestone tire manufacturers are now making it possible to support world-changing tire recycling technology, while also enjoying some of the best tires in the industry.

Just last month, Bridgestone announced an exclusive partnership with Carbon Capture and Transformation (CCT) company, LanzaTech NZ Inc. Together, these two companies are spearheading the development of an innovative end-of-life tire recycling process that will take them one step closer to their goals of tire material circularity and decarbonization. Using LanzaTech’s proprietary carbon capture and gas fermentation processes, Bridgestone hopes to convert scrap tires into materials for packaging, polyester yarn, and surfactants used in consumer home goods like laundry detergent.

Additionally, the partnership hopes to further explore the use of microbe technology to improve the efficiency of butadiene production, which is a key ingredient in new tire production, and would achieve Bridgestone’s vision of 100% carbon neutrality much sooner than their 2050 goal.

If you want to support the development of world-changing technologies like these, without giving an inch on tire performance or longevity, it’s as easy as visiting our Bridgestone tire shop. We carry all the most popular Bridgestone products, and part of every dollar you spend goes towards green initiatives like these.

What’s more, if you want to double-down on your eco-friendly contribution, Bridgestone has several green tires on the market, like the ECOPIA, which come with a 110,000km treadwear warranty and special fuel-efficient design to reduce landfill waste and emissions.

Buy Eco-friendly Products At A Bridgestone Tire Shop Near Me

When you visit our Bridgestone tire shop, you get unparalleled tire selection, plus more opportunities to save by taking advantage of our customer rewards program. And for a limited time, you can save even more on your eco-friendly tire upgrade, courtesy of the 2022 Bridgestone Spring Rebate program, which is good for up to $90 back.

To start your eco-friendly tire consultation at a Bridgestone tire shop near you, use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool.