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Buy Falken Tires Near Me: Get More Tire Mileage With 4D Nano Design

“Why should I buy Falken tires in 2022?” Year after year, Falken tire manufacturers give drivers all new reasons to choose their products and grip the moment.

Today’s post reviews a few reasons why Canadian drivers buy Falken tires for their vehicles, then highlights the value of Falken’s new 4D Nano design technology, which recently earned them another big industry award for its treadwear innovations.

Read on to learn more, or contact your local TIRECRAFT to start browsing all the best Falken tires under one roof.

Buy Falken Tires Near Me: Get More Mileage With 4D Nano Design

If you’re looking for good reasons to buy Falken tires in 2022, you’re spoiled for choice, no matter what vehicle you drive or tire features appear on your wish list. After all, Falken tires offer:

  • Impressive fuel efficiency—According to independent tire tests, Falken Ziex ZE914 ECORUN summer tires lower rolling resistance by 20% compared to the Ziex ZE912, bringing you exceptional savings at the pump.
  • Award-winning performance—Thanks to their cutting-edge design, Falken tires have racked up multiple wins in both the Formula Drift and American Le Mans series, and their line of performance tires, like the Azenis FK453 and RT615K, wow daily drivers on a regular basis.
  • All-terrain capabilities— As evidenced by the impact all-terrain tire lineup had on the industry, Falken tires is the official truck tire of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross series.
  • Exceptional value—Falken tires are a Consumer Reports top pick, thanks to their unique balance of road comfort, durability, and driving performance, and our Advantage Plus Program extends their generous treadwear warranty even further.

But now there’s another reason to move Falken tires to the top of your personal list of potential upgrades! According to a report by Railly News, Falken’s AZENIS FK510 Premium Tires just received the highest possible score in a 15-particle wear examination conducted as part of ADAC’s abrasion testing. The Falken AZENIS FK510, size 225/40 R18, ranked #1 in its category, while ZIEX Ecorun placed third in the 185/65 R15 class.

This exceptional wear rating was attributed in large part to Falken Tire’s Advanced 4D Nano Design technology, which utilizes the K computer, one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers, to innovate new materials, study wear mechanisms, and maximize their performance “at the nano scale.”

By studying the molecular structure and wear of the polymers in rubber compounds at the nano level, Falken manufacturers were able to create the perfect blend of wear resistance and low environmental impact, minimizing design “tradeoffs” in order to create a true jack-of-all-trades type tire.

This is a major contribution to the future of tires and automotive society, and it will make a big difference in your daily drive, too, as this new Falken tire design provides:

  • Maximal fuel efficiency
  • Enhanced wet grip
  • Award-winning wear resistance

To learn more about 4D nano design technology and browse other top Falken tires, get in touch with your local TIRECRAFT!

Buy Falken Tires Near Me: Shop And Save With TIRECRAFT

If you’re looking to buy Falken tires, then look no further.

TIRECRAFT is one of Canada’s biggest Falken tire dealers, comprising 300+ locations across the country for your convenience. We carry all the most popular Falken tire types, including:

We also offer more ways to save on Falken tires than our competitors. Not only do we honour all official Falken tire promotions and rebate programs, like the Falken Spring 2022 Rebate program that’s running until May 31st; we are also constantly rolling out new Falken tire sales on our Promotions page and exclusive in-store deals, plus every purchase earns you discount dollars via the MyTIRECRAFT Rewards program.

To book a free Falken tire consultation with our team, use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool.