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Buy The Best Rated Winter Tires: Steer Clear Of COVID-19 Supply Shortages

Looking for the best rated winter tires? Some Canadians fear that COVID-19 supply chain disruptions could make it hard to find the tires they want in 2021, but TIRECRAFT is here to help.

Today’s post reviews tire industry forecasts, then explains how TIRECRAFT can help you steer clear of potential COVID-19 tire shortages and buy the best rated winter tires.

COVID-19 Supply Chain Disruptions May Threaten Winter Tire Stock

With nearly three-quarters (72%) of Canadians now using winter tires, it’s safe to say that the demand is stronger than ever. But depending on where you live—and more importantly, where you look—you may find that the best rated winter tires are in short supply.

After an ongoing semiconductor shortage affected virtually all original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), causing widespread production delays and a scarcity of both new and Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles, some tire manufacturers are anticipating supply chain disruptions of their own.

“The guys who haven’t already figured out their winter plans might be in trouble,” James McIntyre, Sailun Tire Director of Sales for Canada, told AutoSphere in a recent report. “Those who are going to rely on wholesalers will still get tires, but they might be stuck with what’s in stock versus having their first or second choice.”

What’s more, these potential supply issues are made all the worse by the fact that many local tire retailers chose to return their winter tire overstock last year, after COVID-19 travel restrictions and shelter-in-place orders caused demand to drop.

But don’t worry; it’s not all doom-and-gloom. Many of the best rated winter tire suppliers are confident that driver demands will be met in full, us included!

“We don’t anticipate supply issues,” Farell Scott, Product Category Manager at Michelin North America, told AutoSphere. And neither do we.

If you want to steer clear of potential winter tire supply shortages, all you have to do is contact your local TIRECRAFT.

Find All The Best Rated Winter Tires At Your Local TIRECRAFT

Like AutoSphere says, the winter tire market “all but evaporated” last year due to COVID-19 travel restrictions and mass transitions to remote work arrangements, leading many retailers to return their overstock. But we know Canada’s tire needs, so we held onto our winter tire stock, and now we’re in a position to offer superior tire selection to our customers.

We are proud to carry the best rated winter tires from some of the most trusted brands in Canada, including:

What’s more, we have plenty of cost-control policies in place to help you save on your winter safety essentials, including:

To start browsing the best rated winter tires and book a personalized consultation, use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool.