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Buyer’s Guide to Continental All Season Tires: Top Features to Consider

If you’re considering all-season tire options, Continental deserves your attention. The following Continental All-Season Tire features make them a popular choice for Canadian motorists.

Read on to learn more about Continental All-Season tires top features, and to find trusted dealerships near you.

Stay Safe No Matter What Comes Your Way With Contiseal Technology

With most all-season tire options, all it takes to put an end to your road trip is a single nail, sharp rock, or shard of broken glass. While they may not look like much on the road, these obstacles can cause major damage to your tires, putting your loved ones at risk or leaving you stranded if you don’t have a spare.

But not if you’re using Continental All-Season Tires! Thanks to ContiSeal technology, punctures up to 5mm in diameter (e.g. a nail) are sealed instantly with a sticky, viscous sealant layer that traps air inside and keeps your tire inflated. This seal stays in-place even if the puncturing object becomes dislodged, keeping you safe and mobile even when disaster strikes.

After your wheel is punctured and the sealant technology is deployed, you can drive unrestricted for up to 200km, leaving you plenty of time to find a TIRECRAFT location near you and get a repair or replacement.

ContiSeal technology also has no impact on the driving experience, so you can continue to enjoy the performance and comfort you’ve come to expect from Continental all-season tires.

You can watch ContiSeal technology in action on the Contidrom test track via the Continental All Season Tire website.

Currently, there are 24 different Continental tires available with ContiSeal technology. To get ContiSeal technology for your Continental all-season tires, get in touch with a local TIRECRAFT expert, or simply look for the symbol on the sidewall!

Stop Stowing Spares With Self-Supporting Run-Flat Technology

When standard all-season tires get punctured, the sidewall can become crushed between the rim and the road, which puts drivers in serious danger. For this reason, most people driving on standard tires are forced to make space to stow spares.

But run-flat tires are made to resist the effects of deflation when punctured, and to allow vehicles to travel at reduced speeds for limited distances, so that drivers never need to rely on spares to reach repair centers.

Continental All-Season tires are designed with reinforced sidewalls and German run flat technology that offers an additional 80km of driving distance up to 80km/h after getting a puncture. This makes spare tires completely unnecessary and can expand the average vehicle’s trunk volume by approximately 80 liters. Continental all-season tires’ self-supporting runflat technology has no impact on the driving experience or handling of your vehicle, so you’ll only notice it when you need it!

Enjoy Enhanced Wet-Weather Grip And Handling With Continental All-Season Tires

Certain Continental all-season tires, like the Continental ContiProContact series, offer exceptional wet traction and performance as a result of their circumferential grooves, multiple biting edges, interlocking concave/convex siping features, solid center rib, and computer-optimized tread block pattern.

Browse Continental All-Season Tires at a Local TIRECRAFT

Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to locate a trusted Continental All-Seasons tire dealer near you.