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Pirelli Winter IceControl Winter Tires


Pirelli Winter IceControl winter tires were developed in Sweden to meet the worst of their Nordic winter conditions. This model offers premium winter traction without sacrificing comfort or performance in other conditions.


The IceControl uses a blend of new technologies and design innovations to achieve maximum performance on snow and ice. The unique design of the tread has multiple chunky tread blocks that act as snow pockets for pulling the vehicle through deep snow and slush. Heavy siping increases traction on every slippery surface, and the centre rib offers rigid handling response with water clearing chutes on both sides for even more traction in wet weather. These design elements continue all the way onto the shoulder of the tire for added traction when travelling in extreme snowy weather.

In addition to premium traction, the IceControl also comes with exceptional fuel efficiency as a result of lower rolling resistance. Pirelli has made every attempt to minimize CO2 emissions and to use eco-compatible materials in tire construction in order to give this tire a Green Standard classification.

Choosing Pirelli Winter IceControl Winter Tires

When you’re searching for a tire that can meet every challenge this winter, without sacrificing fuel economy or comfort, consider the Pirelli IceControl for your vehicle.