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Choose The Right Truck Tires For Sale: P-Metric Vs. LT Tires

In order to choose the right truck tires for sale, you’ll need to know the difference between P-metric and LT sizing. The wrong choice could negatively affect driving performance and cost you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary features, reduced fuel efficiency, and premature tire failure. But TIRECRAFT is here to help!

Read on to learn the basic differences between P-metric and LT truck tires for sale, or contact your local TIRECRAFT to get personalized product recommendations for your unique vehicle type, driving needs, and budget.

How To Choose The Right Truck Tires For Sale: P-metric Vs. LT Tires

Survey research by the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada shows that a large percentage of truck owners today do not know the difference between P-metric and LT tires, and that’s a problem for anyone seeking optimal road performance, fuel efficiency, and tire savings.

Fortunately, truck tire theory is relatively straightforward, and spending just a few minutes reading up on the differences could save you hundreds of dollars on unnecessary features or tire damages due to improper use.

For starters, P-metric tires are meant for passenger motor vehicles only—that’s what the “P” on the sidewall tells you. Made with daily drivers in mind, they’re built with special materials and internal construction techniques to provide:

  • Better wet and dry traction on pavement
  • Superior fuel efficiency
  • Smoother rides
  • Longer tread life

If you use your truck primarily as a commuter vehicle or highway driver, there’s really no reason to pay extra for hauling power and higher weight capacities, especially if that means giving up highway handling and improved fuel economy. Instead, stick with P-metric tires to save money and get the best performance out of your vehicle. If you need help narrowing down your search from our selection of P-metric truck tires for sale, get in touch with your local TIRECRAFT for a free needs assessment.

However, if you’re driving 2500 or 3500-series vehicles, carrying heavy loads, towing a trailer, or taking your vehicle off-road on a regular basis, LT tires will be your best bet. LT truck tires are built to work, with larger cords and extra material in the sidewall and under the tread for enhanced carrying capacity and protection. Compared to P-metric tires, LT tires also typically come with deeper tread, thicker rubber, and 8 or 10-ply load ratings, which puts them in Load Range D or E, respectively.

Of course, as with every tire construction, LT tires’ added hauling power, protection, and off-road durability comes at a cost. In this case, you sacrifice some ride comfort, fuel efficiency, and handling capabilities.

So what’s right for your truck? If you’ve got an appetite for off-road adventures or you regularly put your truck to work with heavy loads and towing duty, LT truck tires provide all the power and rugged durability you’ll need; but if your truck is primarily a commuter vehicle or city-driver, P-metric tires will make those trips more comfortable and cost-effective.

For more help selecting the right truck tires for sale, get in touch with your local TIRECRAFT!

Browse All The Top Truck Tires For Sale Under One Roof: Call TIRECRAFT

Your local TIRECRAFT carries all of the most popular LT and P-metric truck tires for sale, and we can help you save money on your next set with exclusive promotions, increased warranty coverage, and customer loyalty rewards.

Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to get in touch with a local technician and get personalized product recommendations for your unique driving needs, vehicle type, and budget.