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Commercial Vehicle Wheel Alignment: Stay Safe And Save With TIRECRAFT

Commercial vehicle wheel alignments are a critical preventative maintenance practice that could save you thousands of dollars in fleet upkeep each year. Read on to learn more, or contact your local TIRECRAFT to get a free quote on your next commercial vehicle wheel alignment straight away.

5 Ways Commercial Vehicle Wheel Alignment Reduces Fleet Costs

1.Commercial vehicle wheel alignment improves gas mileage. Misalignments can decrease fuel economy by up to 10%, as tires drag, and your engine is forced to work harder to transfer energy. What may seem negligible for intra-city truckers and last-mile delivery specialists, these costs can really add up for long-haul drivers, who cover thousands of kilometers per day.

2. Commercial vehicle wheel alignment extends your tire life. Misalignments can have disastrous consequences for your tires. For example, if they have too much or too little toe-in, the degree at which they point in or “pigeon toe” at the front, they will quickly develop a narrow strip of wear down one side, which greatly increases your risks of tire failure compared to wear patterns more evenly.

3. Commercial vehicle wheel alignments are required to maintain tire warranties. If your tires wear out too soon because of something other than poor materials or craftsmanship, then the manufacturer is not responsible for replacing them. If you neglect commercial vehicle wheel alignments, you are neglecting proper tire care, and you will quickly void your warranty.

4. Commercial vehicle wheel alignments keep drivers safe. Commercial vehicle wheel alignments improve tire responsiveness and braking performance, and they stop your vehicles from drifting or pulling to either side.

5. Commercial vehicle wheel alignments reduce overall wear and tear. When your vehicle runs smoothly, you greatly reduce the amount of wear on your suspension, transmission, brakes, and other internal components.

Commercial Vehicle Wheel Alignment: Save With TIRECRAFT

When you choose TIRECRAFT for your commercial vehicle wheel alignment, you get complete peace of mind and serious fleet savings, thanks to our:

  • Exacting service standards. Every TIRECRAFT technician is highly trained and experienced in commercial vehicle wheel alignments, and we only use the best tools, technology, and replacement parts when caring for your fleet.
  • Convenient, speedy service to keep your fleet productive. Driver downtime can be costly, so it is in any business’s best interest to minimize service delays. TIRECRAFT is a one-stop shop for commercial vehicle care, so you can cross off your entire to-do list in one place, and we also offer mobile services all across Canada.
  • Customer rewards for commercial vehicle wheel alignment. By using the MyTIRECRAFT Rewards app, you can start collecting rewards points from every purchase, including your next commercial vehicle wheel alignment service. These discount dollars add up fast, and they can be spent like real money, whether you want to drive down the costs of your next commercial vehicle wheel alignment or save on your next tire upgrade.

To learn more about our fleet maintenance and repair services and get a free quote on your next commercial vehicle wheel alignment, use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool.