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Find A Mechanic Near Me: Top Tips For Trustworthy Service

If you’re not blessed with a mechanic in your family or social circle, finding trustworthy service and honest quotes can seem like a daunting task. But TIRECRAFT can help.

Today’s post reviews the top-3 “Tips for Finding a Mechanic You Can Trust,” courtesy of Wheels.ca, to explain why so many Canadians’ search for trustworthy auto repair ends at TIRECRAFT.

1.  How To Find A Mechanic Near Me: Ask Friends

“A referral from someone you trust is worth 1000 marketing campaigns saying they are the ‘best shop in town,’” writes author Greg Lehman via Wheels.ca. “People are very willing to help and oftentimes you’ll start to find a trend in the names being repeatedly recommended.”

If your friends and family aren’t much help, Facebook reviews are a great second choice, since they come from real people in your area, and any Facebook comments will also be dated, so you can see exactly how long ago their service occurred.

With 220+ locations around the country and decades of quality service under our belts, TIRECRAFT is one of the most widely recommended mechanics in Canada, and we’ve got plenty of glowing Facebook reviews to back it up.

2.  How To Find A Mechanic Near Me: Online Research

“In addition to polling your friends, do some online research before you visit a mechanic’s shop,” recommends Lehman.

For instance, you might look up:

For extra credit, it’s also a good idea to search whether the mechanic in question has earned any awards or accolades. While this isn’t strictly necessary, these kinds of awards work wonderfully as quality indicators. For example, you might be interested to know that TIRECRAFT earned the award for Highest Overall Customer Service among Service Provider Brands under the Canadian Customer Commitment index.

3.  How To Find A Mechanic Near Me: Seek A History Of Success

“Businesses might get ahead by being dishonest in the short term, but that’s not a lasting strategy in any industry,” writes Lehman.

Accordingly, if you want to find a trustworthy mechanic, seek a history of success. That’s exactly what you’ll find at TIRECRAFT—we’ve been a leading provider of honest automotive repair services since 1990, and in that time, we’ve earned countless positive reviews and customer referrals.

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