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First-Time Buyers’ Guide to Goodyear All Weather Tires

Today’s post explains when to use Goodyear all-weather tires over all-season alternatives, why Canadians continue to trust Goodyear products year-after-year, and where to find TireCraft retailers near you.

Why choose Goodyear all-weather or winter tires over all-season options?

All-season tires are designed to help provide traction in a variety of different conditions, but winter and all-weather tires surpass them in cold weather. These are just a few of the benefits Goodyear all-weather tires offer over popular all-season alternatives:

  • Goodyear all-weather tires are certified for harsh winters. Goodyear all-weather tires bear the mountain snowflake winter tire symbol, which means they meet the minimum safety requirements for traction and handling in harsh Canadian winters. Unlike all-season tires, which typically bear the M+S (‘mud’ and ‘snow’) designation, Goodyear all-weather tire products can stand up to snow, slush, ice, and low temperatures. All-season and summer tires harden at temperatures below 7°C, leaving drivers with reduced traction and unsafe handling.
  • Goodyear all-weather tires provide better braking capabilities and cornering control. Goodyear all-weather tires use special rubber compounds that grip and flex even in cold weather. Coupled with their aggressive tread pattern and chunky tread blocks, this provides better traction, cornering, and braking capabilities on everything from bare asphalt to fresh snow. In contrast, most all-season tires require an additional 30 meters to stop on smooth ice, even at temperatures of only -1°C.
  • Goodyear all-weather tires prevent slushplaning and hydroplaning. With wide channels and grooves designed to push away water and slush, Goodyear all-weather tires ensure your vehicle keeps strong contact with the road in all but the worst winter conditions.
  • Goodyear all-weather tires increase driver confidence and control. “Most drivers find that all-weather tires provide a sense of confidence and control in challenging winter and weather conditions,” writes the Goodyear website. We couldn’t agree more—if you live in an area that gets more than a “mild winter,” Goodyear all-weather tires provide true peace of mind.

Goodyear winter tires take the cold-weather control of all-weather tires one step further, using a block tread and siping design that can stand up to the worst that the Great White North has to offer. However, unlike all-weather tires, winter tires are not recommended for temperatures above 7°C.

Why choose Goodyear all-weather tires over other brands?

The cold-weather advantages of all-weather and winter tires aren’t exclusive to Goodyear, but there’s plenty of good reasons to choose this trusted brand name, including:

  • Trusted brand name—Goodyear all-weather tires and tire products are trusted everywhere from the Indy 500 to the Moon. Back in 1975, every single driver in the Indianapolis 500 used Goodyear products, and Goodyear tires were first to touch the moon on the Apollo 14 mission in 1970!
  • Huge selection of premium products—Goodyear makes a huge variety of tires and even created the first all-season tire in the 1970s. All products go through extensive performance and reliability testing.
  • Goodyear all-weather tire perks. Goodyear offers free roadside assistance, limited mileage warranties and a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee for all buyers.
  • Environmental sustainability—Over the year, Goodyear has been recognized for their commitment to environment sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives. Take “green tires” made from soybean oil, for example. You can view some more of their noteworthy honours on the Goodyear website. Plus, by working with a one-stop shop like TireCraft, which can save you plenty of trips across town (and all those carbon emissions), you double-down on sustainable practices.

Find a trusted Goodyear all-weather tire retailer near you

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