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Get Ready for Winter: Buy Canada’s Best All Season Tires in Snow

If you’re seeking the best all-season tires Canada has to offer, TIRECRAFT can help. Use today’s post to determine whether you need winter tires, how to pick the best all-season tire, and where to find trusted TIRECRAFT retailers near you.

Do I Need Winter Tires or Do All Season Tires Work in Snow?

All-season tires definitely work in snow, but whether they’re suitable for the entire season depends on what winter looks like where you live.

In a survey conducted by the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada (TRAC), over 50% of Canada’s driving population indicated that they did not use winter tires because they believe that “all-season tires offer sufficient traction and stopping power in winter road conditions.” 

But as the TRAC report tells us, when it comes to choosing the right tires, “temperature is everything.” All-season tires work just fine for mild winters, but for the best winter performance, we recommend investing in winter tires, which can be identified by the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake Symbol (sometimes referred to as the Alpine Symbol). These tires use a special rubber compound with flexible tread and sipes to provide unparalleled grip and control.

“At temperatures of 7°C or lower, winter tires outperform all-season and conventional summer tires, where these tires start to harden and lose traction,” writes the TRAC. At temperatures just below freezing, for instance, winter tire stopping distances are on average 30% shorter than all-season alternatives.

If you need help determining your tires needs come winter, TIRECRAFT can help. Because our catalog includes both winter tires and the best all-season tires Canada has to offer, we make real recommendations based on your needs and budget, with no sales agenda biased towards either tire type.

Find the Best All Season Tires in Canada: Top-5 Considerations

Once you’ve decided all-season tires are right for you, consider these 5 factors to find the best tires for your unique needs and budget:

  • Vehicle Type. We carry all the biggest brands, but there’s no universal “best” all season tire for all vehicles. SUVs, compact cars, and service trucks all have very different wheel dimensions and performance, both of which must be factored into your final decision. Don’t worry: we’ve got every kind of all-season tire and experience working with all vehicle types.
  • Fuel Efficiency. Every tire offers different fuel performance, but fuel efficiency can come at a cost. If gas savings are a key point in your purchase decision, low-roll tires may be worth the tradeoff in grip and overall performance. By talking to a TIRECRAFT expert, you can eliminate the guesswork and find the best all season tires for your needs.
  • Winter Performance. Look for tires with great traction and optimal tread patterns. The tread ratings are A, AA, B, or C, with A or AA being the best.
  • Driving Style. Driving style and speed play a big part in this decision. Most all season tires come in both passenger and touring models. The latter give adventurous drivers better grip and performance, while the former provide excellent mileage and quiet rides.
  • The best all season tires come with warranties that guarantee customer satisfaction. In addition to the manufacturer’s treadwear warranty, our TIRECRAFT Advantage Plus Program (TAP) gives you a mechanical warranty, free tire rotations and flat repairs, and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Browse The Best All-Season Tires Canada Has To Offer

We carry all the most popular brands of passenger and touring tires, including:

Budget and premium options are available, and the value of our TAP Program is unmatched. Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to locate the best all season tire shop in your area and get winter-ready!