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How To Buy Heavy Truck Tires: TIRECRAFT’s Top-4 Tips

Not all heavy truck tires are created equal, and the wrong choice could potentially cost you thousands of dollars. Use the following 4 tire-buying tips to find the best heavy truck tires for your fleet, or start a free consultation with your local TIRECRAFT for personalized support.

1.   Choose Heavy Truck Tires Based On Route And Driving Application

All heavy truck tires are designed with specific terrain and work applications in mind. In 2021, you can find specific tread patterns, rubber compounds, and tire designs for long haul routes, regional routes, urban driving, and on/off-road work.

Fleet managers must choose the right tires for the job. In the same way you wouldn’t head out for a hike in work boots, or clock in for a shift at the construction site in running shoes, no driver worth their salt would use urban tread design for off-road jobs, or vice versa. Using heavy truck tires in the wrong application invariably results in poor performance and premature wear.

For example, tires used in vocational applications (e.g. concrete mixers, dump trucks, utility trucks) take quite a beating. Not only are they subjected to heavy loads, but they’re also much more likely to run up against curbs, rocks, or other on-site obstructions. At the same time, these tires typically do not spend much time at highway speed. Accordingly, heavy truck tires used in these applications give up some fuel economy in exchange for off-road traction and resistance to damage.

If you need help determining the best heavy truck tires for your fleet, contact your local TIRECRAFT. A heavy truck tire specialist will assess your intended route and fleet application, then create a shortlist of recommendations based on your unique needs and budget.

2.   Look For Heavy Truck Tires With Appropriate Fuel Efficiency Regulations

While certain heavy truck tires will be more fuel efficient than others, you should still make an effort to find the best in class, especially with the new Greenhouse Gas Emissions Phase 2 rule beginning this year.

Get in touch with your local TIRECRAFT to book a free consultation and compare all the most fuel efficient heavy truck tire types in-store.

3.   Take A Data-Driven Approach To Buying Heavy Truck Tires

Nowadays, fleet managers can inform their heavy truck tire purchase using powerful metrics gathered from tire maintenance/pressure-monitoring apps, fleet surveys, and tracking programs. This captured data can be used to make better tire recommendations, and to identify tire maintenance opportunities for better cost control.

Take the TIRECRAFT Tire Service Network for example. We offer fleet survey and analysis, scrap tire pile analysis, out-of-service analysis, cost tracking, and inflation monitoring, all of which provide valuable data to help fleet managers identify systemic trends, flag underperforming products, and choose the best tires for their needs.

4.   Get A Warranty For Your Heavy Truck Tires

To make sure you get what you paid for, most reputable brands and tire technicians provide Limited Warranty coverage to insure against manufacturer defects. Standard Limited Warranty coverage extends for 7 years and 3 retreads.

TIRECRAFT carries a large selection of warrantied heavy truck tires, and we give our clients even more coverage via the Advantage Plus Program.

Book A Free Heavy Truck Tire Consultation At Your Local TIRECRAFT

Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to get in touch with one of our 330+ heavy truck tire specialists around the country, and receive a same-day quote from the TIRECRAFT dealership nearest to you.