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How To Save Money At Tire Stores: Consumer Research Review

Today’s post reviews data from new Consumer Reports surveys highlighting the best ways to save money at tire stores in 2021. Read on or contact your local TIRECRAFT to start saving straight away.

Consumer Reports Research Review: How To Save At Tire Stores

Over a 12-month period, Consumer Reports surveyed Canadian tire buyers, asking questions about their overall satisfaction shopping at different tire chains, and getting a sense for what the average Canadian is spending on their automotive essentials. The survey, which took place in fall 2020 and drew over 15,000 participants, also revealed some surprising insights about how modern tire-shoppers save money, such as:

  • Challenging blind brand loyalty. You may consider yourself “a Goodyear family” or a Bridgestone brand loyalist, but don’t let that get in the way of getting the best possible tires for your budget. After all, the tire market is highly competitive, and that benefits the buyer, forcing manufacturers to keep innovating and run tire sales promotions to win customers from their rivals.

    Accordingly, if you want to save money at tire stores, go shopping with an open mind, not blinded by brand loyalty. You might stumble onto a great deal. According to Consumer Reports, more than two-thirds of surveyed car owners switched brands when buying replacement tires for their vehicles in order to save money or take advantage of new features.

    If you’re looking to browse and compare all of the top tire brands under one roof, contact your local TIRECRAFT. Though you’ll find all the top brands at our tire stores, we are not beholden to any one manufacturer, which means we can offer 100% honest advice and even recommend top competitors to help you get the best possible deal.

  • Thinking long-term; considering tire tread life warranties. Though price was the primary driving force in tire-buyers brand selection, “tread life and brand trust were almost as important.” Why? Because while one set of tires might cost more upfront, robust treads could save you much more over the long-term.

    If you’re looking for tires that will outlast your previous set, we can help. Not only can your local TIRECRAFT technician recommend a shortlist of tire options with impressive tread life, but we can also extend the manufacturer’s coverage via the Advantage Plus Program, getting you even more for your money. Only 27% of tire-buying study participants received road-hazard warranty coverage free of charge, according to Consumer Reports, so don’t miss out—contact your local TIRECRAFT today.

  • Taking advantage of cost control policies. Instead of wasting your time haggling—something that only worked for 14% of study participants, and even then only yielded a median savings of $96 for four tires, according to Consumer Reports—find tire stores with quality cost-control policies, like your local TIRECRAFT.

    We’re constantly rolling out new tire rebates and sales promotions, which yield hundreds of dollars in savings and rebates; our custom loyalty program increases your discount for every dollar you spend; and our national warranty program both extends your tire coverage and waives the cost of multiple tire maintenance services.

Start Saving Money At Tire Stores: Contact Your Local TIRECRAFT

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