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Why Are Continental Tires Right For You?

  • Exceptional value, sustainability, and comfort
  • ContiSeal technology prevents tire punctures
  • Original equipment manufacturer for BMW and Audi

Continental Tire is the fourth largest tire manufacturer in the world, and they’re internationally sought after for their reliability, sustainability and comfort. For drivers who want control and the ability to stop rapidly, options from Continental Tire can be the perfect choice. They specialize in braking ability and suggest that their tires will brake faster and in a shorter distance than their competitors.

Continental Tire provides exceptional value for drivers through always raising the bar and focusing on constantly improving their tire manufacturing and delivery systems to the benefit of consumers. They’ve also created a number of technologies including ContiSeal™, which is a material injected into the tires to prevent punctures, and Continental SSR which is a run flat tire. Their advancements always work to make their tire offering more safe, sustainable and fuel efficient.

They are the original equipment manufacture for a number of leading car companies including BMW and Audi, which is a great indication of their quality and reliability. They also offer a comprehensive warranty, including tire replacement up to 72 months. Ask us for more details or help selecting the best Continental Tires for your vehicle.


Continental Tires — All Season

The Continental Tire’s all season range includes the ContiExtremeContact, ContiProContact and ContiTouring. If you’re looking for durable tires that offer faster braking in any condition, Continental Tire could be your perfect fit.

Continental Tires — Light Truck/SUV

Continental Tire’s truck, SUV and CUV tires feature distinctive, asymmetric patterns to help you get out of even the most challenging terrain. The long-wearing CrossContact comes in a range of durable options, to keep you in control whether you’re driving the kids around town or exploring off-road.

Continental Tires — Performance

The ContiSportContact and ExtremeContact are great options for drivers looking to push their vehicle as far as they can. Continental Tire’s performance tires always offer unbeatable braking distances, ensuring that you can confidently be in control in any condition.

Continental Tire is based in Germany, where they’ve been manufacturing rubber products and tires since 1871. Today, one in three European vehicles comes standard with Continental tires. They also manufacture many other automotive products including brake systems, powertrain and chassis components which they supply to premium vehicle manufactures. 

They’re a major supporter of soccer around the world, including the World Cup and the North American MLS.

Continental Tire also provides their free Total Confidence Plan standard with every purchase of Continental Tires. Learn more!