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  • All Goodyear tires are extensively tested to ensure second-to-none performance and reliability
  • Goodyear created the original all season tire, solidifying their reputation as innovators
  • All tires include a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee

Goodyear makes a huge variety of tires including winter tires, all season tires, performance and ultra high performance tires, as well as light truck tires and all terrain tires. Goodyear has been manufacturing tires since Frank Seiberling began making bicycle tires in 1898. Eventually the company moved into the horseless carriage market, and then on to automobiles.

As the creators of the all season tire in the 1970’s, the company focus is clearly on innovation and new products. All Goodyear tires go through extensive testing to ensure maximum performance and reliability. The reliability, control and comfort of their tires are all priorities of Goodyear, which wants to ensure your family’s safety in any condition on the roads.

Some of their speciality tires are used by police services, and as a leader in technology they’ve also introduced run flat tires and low rolling resistance tires, in addition to fuel efficient models, to market. They also manufacture tires for sectors including agriculture, commercial truck, mining, earthmovers, aviation, lawn and garden, industrial, ATV, military and racing tires.

Goodyear offers free roadside assistance, limited mileage warranties and a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Goodyear Tires — Winter

Goodyear’s Ultra Grip winter tire range offers drivers a number of choices based on their needs. Drivers will find great performance snow tires in the Eagle series, and the Ultra Grip and Ultra Grip Ice WRT are great choices for normal use winter tires.

Goodyear Tires — Light Truck/SUV

Goodyear’s product offering for light trucks and SUVs includes Assurance all season options as well as the Wrangler series for off-road or heavy duty driving needs. The Wrangler Silent Armour and Wrangler Dura-Trac offer superior load carrying capabilities and tough tread compounds to stand up to severe service.

Goodyear Tires — Performance

Goodyear’s experience with motor racing extends to performance tires and ultra high performance tires. The Eagle range includes extreme high performance and ultra high performance summer tires, as well as high performance all season tires.

Goodyear Tires — All Terrain

The Goodyear Wrangler line is designed for those who are serious about taking their vehicles on extreme off-road adventures, and the aggressive tread design will help drivers stay in control of any situation.
One of the leading tire companies in the world, Goodyear is also the top manufacturer in North America and Latin America. The company employs 69,000 people in 52 plants located in 22 countries, with their Global Head Office in Akron, Ohio, and their Canadian Head Office in Toronto.

Goodyear is, of course, famous for its blimps which have been used for advertising since 1925, and their long-standing relationship with NASCAR has also helped to make them well-known as a research and development focussed manufacturer of durable and high quality tires. Goodyear is an original equipment manufacturer working with many car companies to supply the tires that new cars are sold with.

Their Akron Innovation Centre employs nearly 1500 scientists, engineers and technicians, and they are consistently introducing cutting edge products to improve safely, reliability and handling.