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Mickey Thompson

Why Mickey Thompson Tires?

  • Innovator of many features—including low profiles—which are now considered standard
  • Each Mickey Thompson tire is subject to extensive research and development
  • Award-winning tires that are well-suited for any terrain

Racing enthusiasts in the North America and beyond have been enthusiastic about Mickey Thompson tires since the company was founded in 1963. Creating and manufacturing tires to help drivers constantly push the limits of the vehicles they’re installed on, Mickey Thompson is the first choice of many people who street, track, strip or off-road race.

Mickey Thompson designs were named after the famous off road racer, who participated in drag races when they were first becoming popular. The tire designs have been greatly influenced by the spirt of Thompson, and the company has been the original force behind many industry innovations that are now considered standard features, like wide low profile tires.

Mickey Thompson undertakes extensive research and development with their products, and a major focus is on innovation in the rubber compounds and tread patterns used. Your local TIRECRAFT can help you find the perfect light truck and SUV tires for your vehicle, based on your driving needs and style.


Mickey Thompson Tires — Light Truck/SUV

Mickey Thompson truck tires are built to be durable, long-lasting and strong enough to tackle any terrain you want to explore. The Baja series and MTZ line feature a range of options for city or off-road driving, all in the same quality you’ve come to expect from Mickey Thompson.
Cooper Tire purchased Mickey Thompson in 2003 and supported by this new ownership, they continue to create award-winning tires. Teams sponsored by Mickey Thompson also have a track record of participating in and winning a variety of races. Fans of the Mickey Thompson range will know they’re particularly well-suited to off road and all terrain driving.