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Scorpion ATR Truck Tires

Scorpion ATR Truck Tires


Pirelli Scorpion ATR truck tires were designed to offer true all terrain capability to drivers of light trucks and SUVs. It is available in both P and LT rated variants for those who need a tire with extra strength capabilities. It has been designated with M+S branding for use in the mud and snow.

Features of Scorpion ATR Truck Tires

As an all terrain tire, the Scorpion ATR is expected to perform well off road and its suite of tire enhancements reflects that desire. It has a strengthened casing construction with a reinforced sidewall to make the tire less prone to rips, tears, or punctures. The tread compound is designed to be extra durable and resistant to off-road wear. The tread itself is aggressive and self cleaning for better performance in mud and gravel. Wide solid shoulder blocks help to give the vehicle extra stopping power and grip when cornering. A series of curved grooves through the centre of the tire offer additional traction on irregular surfaces. These grooves also clear away water from your path for improved wet traction and less risk of hydroplaning. An advanced tread compound gives the tire lower rolling resistance for better fuel mileage and less road noise.

Choosing Scorpion ATR Truck Tires

If you use your light truck or SUV for more than just regular highway use, the Pirelli Scorpion ATR has traction to fit every kind of terrain, on the road and off it.

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