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Tires & Wheels

As TIRECRAFT, we carry the most brands of tires out of all the tire dealers in Canada. The experts at TIRECRAFT are here to help you find the perfect tires and wheels to enhance your vehicle’s performance, safety and appearance. Our extensive selection of products includes a range of brands, styles and sizes of tires and wheels for all types of vehicles.

Passenger Tires

Find your tires - Tires and wheels - TIRECRAFTPassenger tires are designed with a lighter compound to maximize your car or mini van’s handling, better your fuel economy and improve safety. Passenger tires are available in all-season and winter tire varieties. All-season passenger tires are designed to handle the snow and ice better than summer or performance passenger tires, but not as efficiently as winter tires. Our TIRECRAFT dealers can recommend the passenger tires that will work best to provide a quiet and smooth ride and suit your everyday needs.

Light Truck / SUV Tires

From the everyday drive to off-roading, boat hauling, weekend trips and beyond, TIRECRAFT dealers know that performance is critical to light truck and SUV owners. Light trucks and SUVs are built with a full frame and body construction that enhance their hauling, towing and off-roading strength, which adds to the weight that tires must carry. For optimal performance, their tires must be created differently than passenger tires to accomodate vehicle strength, load carrying capacity, centre of gravity and driveline complexity. Let a TIRECRAFT expert help you choose the proper tires for your light truck or SUV.

Winter Tires

At TIRECRAFT, our customers’ safety is our number one priority. When it comes to winter road conditions in Canada, winter tires provide important safety features that all-season tires do not. Winter tires are specially constructed to retain their flexibility even in the coldest temperatures, to grip snow and provide better traction on ice. For optimal safety and performance, install four winter tires to maintain control and stability in icy conditions. Make the switch to winter tires when temperatures dip below 7 degrees Celsius (all-season tires lose elasticity and harden at this temperature) and check your tires’ air pressure as temperatures drop. Your TIRECRAFT dealer will provide you with the best tires to help you safely and confidently drive through Canadian winter conditions. Read “How winter tires differ from snow tires” in the Globe and Mail.

Performance Tires

TIRECRAFT offers a variety of performance tires that deliver superior control and maneuverability, featuring the sporty look and style of a premium tire. Performance tires improve steering, handling and braking response and their wet weather traction is unbeatable. The selection of performance tires available at TIRECRAFT dealers is top-notch, featuring brands such as Yokohama, Bridgestone, Firestone, Michelin and more.