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No Two Alike: 4 Reasons To Book Personalized Service From A Local Tire Center

No two customers are exactly alike, so why shop at local tire centers that treat you as carbon copies? Today’s post highlights 4 reasons Canadians prefer the personalized service offered at our local tire centers.

Read on to learn how we’re changing the conversation, or contact your local TIRECRAFT to book a free consultation straight away.

No Two Alike: Changing The Conversation At Local Tire Centers

No two customers are exactly alike, so why do so many local tire centers take a cookie-cutter approach to customer care?

When consumers reach out to tire retailers, the conversation usually starts the same way.

“Hi, I’m looking for a good price on a set of tires.”

And that’s generally where the conversation ends—we’ve listened to enough phone calls across the industry to know. The retailer gives the customer a price, and maybe some details about a warranty, but very little other information. Then it’s up to the customer to make the final choice.

If you’ve recently visited a local tire center for an upgrade, maintenance service, or repair, you probably encountered something similar. This cookie-cutter experience provides a quick turnaround, but in many cases, speed comes at a cost. The customer doesn’t learn a thing, and more often than not, they drive away with a suboptimal part, tire, or service because it wasn’t selected for their specific needs.

At TIRECRAFT, we think it’s time to change the conversation and empower customers with personalized service, and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing since we first opened our doors back in 1968.

To that end, we begin every consultation with a personalized needs assessment, during which we will learn about the vehicle you drive, the weather conditions you face, and the performance features you want. And if you’re visiting our local tire center for repair or maintenance services, we will combine the information from your needs assessment with the results of our inspections and diagnostic reports in order to give you truly personalized advice.

Personalized service might take a bit longer, but it’s always worth it. These are just a few of the reasons our customers prefer the personalized service at our local tire center:

1. Personalized services help customers control costs. We do not enforce cookie-cutter service schedules, recommending repair and maintenance only when our customers, inspections and diagnostics deem them necessary, so you only pay for what you truly need.

2. Personalized services help customers find the perfect parts. To help you find the perfect fit, our technicians recommend parts and tires with your specific vehicle, driving demands, weather conditions, and budget in mind.

3. Personalized services increase the odds of early detection. By using inspections and diagnostics to inform our recommendations—not stock service schedules—we greatly increase the odds of early detection, so you can correct minor issues before they become major expenses.

4. Personalized services help customers shop smart without experience. Choosing the right tires can be tough, especially without experience or extensive knowledge in this field, but even a green tire tyro will have no problem choosing the perfect fit with one of our technicians there to guide them. Simply make note of your dream feature wish list and we’ll create a shortlist of tire recommendations that meet your criteria, then answer any questions you might have and help you compare top competitors in that category.

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