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One-Click Fix: How Do I Find Brand Name Tires Near Me?

Today’s post is designed to help you find the best brand name tires for your unique needs, driving habits, and budget. Read on to learn how we can assist you, and how to find trustworthy tire retailers with a single click!

Identify Your Real Tire Needs

Most drivers assume that performance-oriented brand names tires must be the best, but that’s not always the case.

“People who will actually be best served by high-performance tires may be in the minority,” writes Kurt Berger, manager for Consumer Products Engineering at Bridgestone America, in a recent consumer guide. “Choosing a performance tire can mean making tradeoffs in comfort and quietness for enhanced handling capabilities. A touring-type tire may better serve the needs of typical drivers.”

To make sure you get the brand name tires you need—rather than paying extra for something you don’t—Berger recommends finding trustworthy tire retailers to steer you in the right direction.

To help you identify your tire needs and prepare for your tire-shopping project, we recommend ranking the following tire qualities in order of importance:

  • Cost
  • Dry traction
  • Wet traction
  • Tread life
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Winter performance
  • Noise
  • Ride comfort
  • Warranty

Once you’ve finished, pass that information onto your local TIRECRAFT retailer. Based on your “rankings,” we’ll create a shortlist of recommended brand name tire products that fit your unique needs and budget. In this way, we ensure you pay for only what you need—never what you don’t!

Look Beyond The Price Tag And Consider Long-Term Value

Though it’s never a good idea to blow your tire budget, we don’t recommend shopping by price alone.

“Tires can be viewed as all being the same, especially because they can look similar—but they’re really not,” says Berger. “Not only can a good set of tires elevate a car’s performance, comfort, and safety, but better warranty coverage and improved tread life can reduce costs in the long run.”

Put another way, investing in brand name tires pays off, often saving drivers more in terms of maintenance fees and gas money over the long-term than the difference in cost upfront.

Here again, your local TIRECRAFT retailer will be able to explain the short and long-term benefits of any tire you’re considering to ensure you get the greatest value.

One-click Fix: Find The Best Brand Name Tires Near Me At TIRECRAFT

Whether you need help identifying your tire needs or calculating the long-term value of brand name products, TIRECRAFT can help.

We are a proudly Canadian company made up of more than 220+ businesses specializing in brand name tire products, wheels, accessories, and automotive services. Since 1968, Canadians have relied on our team for trustworthy brand name tire advice, honest suggestions, and competitive prices.

We carry all the best brand name tires, including:

Additionally, we bolster the value of every manufacturer’s warranty with the TIRECRAFT Advantage Plus Program, which includes:

  • 12-month/20,000km Mechanical warranty
  • 30-day Tire Satisfaction guarantees
  • FREE flat tire repairs
  • Road Hazard Coverage
  • FREE tire rotations

Best of all, booking your brand name tire consultation is easier than ever—just click here to open the Find a TIRECRAFT tool and get a head start on your tire-buying project today.