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Toyo Celsius CUV All Weather Tire


The Toyo Celsius CUV is an all weather tire that gives you another option over an all season tire. It is positioned between a dedicated winter tire and an all season tire. In some regions you can run the Celsius all year long. Or if you haven’t made the jump to a dedicated winter tire during the cold months, then the Celsius CUV is definitely a higher degree of safety. It has the winter traction you need for occasional snowfalls and low temperatures, as well as the wet and dry handling and longer treadwear you’d expect out of an all season. It comes with a 100,000 km limited tread wear warranty for H rated fitments as well as an 80,000 km limited treadwear warranty for V speed ratings.

Features of Toyo Celsius CUV All Weather Tire

The Toyo Celsius has many design and rubber technologies built in to achieve formidable year round performance. The rubber compound has been specially formulated to provide long wear with wet and dry grip for all season purposes and still hold up to colder winter temperatures and icy roads. The inner portion of the tire is heavily siped for better grip on slippery surfaces during cold winter weather while the outer portion has less sipes for more grip on the highway during regular all season usage.

Multi-wave sipes are deeply molded in tread blocks for more rigidity. This gives you less tread squirm for a more stable driving experience when stopping, starting, and cornering. Each of these multi-wave sipes creates a new biting edge for more traction in every situation, all year long. A staggered tread block design with tapered saw tooth edges offers a comfortable drive by reducing road noise and opening up even more potential for traction. Circumferential grooves create an evacuation pathway for water and slush so you can reach the road surface for more traction in inclement weather. The Celsius CUV is also one of the first Toyo tires to include alignment indicators that will assist drivers in identifying possible alignment issues that may affect their vehicle. Stamped with transport Canada’s snowflake symbol indicates it is ready for winter conditions.

Choosing Toyo Celsius CUV All Weather Tire

For a true all weather tire that can actually carry you through every season, including occasional snowfalls and winter temperatures, the Toyo Celsius CUV could be the safest choice for you and your family.