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Toyo Observe G3-ICE Winter Tires


The Toyo Observe G3-ICE Winter Tires are a brand new winter tire for passenger vehicles and light trucks that promise safe winter driving without sacrificing driver comfort. They are available in common sizes for rim diameters from 14 to 22 inches and meet all T speed ratings. Equipped with Toyo’s Microbit studless tire technology and an advanced directional tread pattern the Observe G3-ICE is ready to handle snow, ice or slush and offers superior ride comfort.

Features of Toyo Observe G3-ICE Winter Tires

It all starts with the enhanced silica rubber compound that enables the Toyo Observe G3-ICE Winter Tires to stay soft even in extremely cold weather. This gives the tire grip where an all-season tire would harden and have difficulty finding traction. Crushed walnut shells are also added to the compound for additional bite on ice. Multi wave sipes are an innovative feature that helps to keep the tread blocks steady while also giving the tire additional biting edges when starting, stopping, or cornering. The V-Shaped centre rib is part of the aggressive design that enables it to clear away water quickly for more contact with the road in inclement weather. Chunky U-shaped tread blocks are great at pulling through deep snow and offer solid stopping power when necessary. If you are able to take advantage of studding in your region, Toyo has also made sure to include optimized stud placement for amazing ice and snow traction with less road noise than expected.

Choosing Toyo Observe G3-ICE Winter Tires

The Toyo Observe® G3-ICE Winter Tires offer great winter driving capabilities without the premium price point of many other brands. Since it is pinned for studs, the Observe® G3-ICE stops a full car length shorter in snow and two car lengths shorter on ice when compared to traditional winter tires.

If you need a safe and capable way to drive this winter, consider Toyo for your tire needs.