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Prepare For Snow In Summer: Find The Best All Weather Tires

It’s too early for snow tires, but you can still prepare for all four seasons, and eliminate your seasonal tire changeover and storage chores, by investing in quality all-weather tires.

To help you find the best option, today’s post highlights a few of the top-rated all-weather tires for Canadian drivers, as determined through independent testing by the Automotive Protection Association. Read on or contact your local TIRECRAFT to book a free consultation and start browsing all the APA’s top picks in one place.

What Are The Best All-Weather Tires I Can Buy?

Best is a subjective term that means different things for different drivers. Because tire design is a bit of a balancing act, with certain features (e.g. aggressive tread and low rolling resistance) being almost completely incompatible, it’s important that you know exactly what you want, or else you could blow your budget on unnecessary features.

For example, a fuel-conscious driver could buy the best all-weather tire on the market, with powerful grip and impeccable four-season handling, and still end up disappointed. In this case, they could have spent much less on a specialty LRR set to meet their fuel economy goals.

Accordingly, the best approach to finding the best all-weather tires is to speak with a qualified tire expert, someone who can help you determine your optimal tire specs and features based on your driving habits, weather conditions, and budget.

If you’re not ready to book a personalized all-weather tire consultation, we recommend seeking out consumer reports to get an idea of well-rated brands and desirable features.

The Automobile Protection Association (APA), which provides consumer information, peer-reviewed research reports, and advocacy about all things automotive, is a perfect example. Their mission is to help Canadians find the best vehicles and tires for their needs, and as part of that commitment, they recently published a list of the top all-weather tires for 2019-2020, as determined by their instrumented tire testing.

These were the top performers:

  • The Nokian WR G4 SUV—”The winter performance of the WR G4 rivals many snow tires,” states the APA research team. “In summer it is relatively soft riding and quiet, with nice handling and durability.”
  • The Toyo Celsius CUV—”Ranked second, the Celsius corners and brakes well, although its winter traction doesn’t equal the WR G4,” states the APA research team. “And the predicted tire life is good.”
  • The Firestone Weathergrip”Fairly soft riding with predictable handling on cleared roads,” states the APA. “The open tread design and relatively abundant tread sipes give it an edge in winter. Like most winter tires, the Weathergrip is directional and stays on the same side of the vehicle when rotating it.”

Browse All The Top All-weather Tires In One Place: Contact TIRECRAFT

Not only do our ASE-certified tire technicians carry all the top all-weather tires under one roof, saving you time on tire research, but since we are not bound to any one brand, we guarantee 100% honest and unbiased advice.

When you’re ready to prepare for snow in summer, and you want to make sure you choose the best all-weather tire for your needs, book a free consultation at TIRECRAFT.