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Review Roundup: What Are People Saying About Firestone Winter Tires?

Are Firestone winter tires right for you? Today’s post looks beyond the manufacturer’s fact sheet, digging into real customer reviews to help you level-up your pre-purchase research.

Read on to learn what people are saying about Firestone winter tires—specifically the Winterforce LT for light trucks—or contact your local TIRECRAFT to speak directly with a Firestone winter tire specialist.

Firestone Winter Tire Talk: Is The Winterforce LT Right For You?

The Firestone Winterforce LT is a rugged light truck tire that offers strong performance on snow and ice, along with all the extra load bearing capabilities that truckers expect from an LT-sized tire.

According to the manufacturer’s website, these Firestone winter tires feature:

  • Directional tread design for a quiet, comfortable ride
  • High sipe density to deliver solid traction on winter roads
  • Circumferential grooves to clear water and slush away from the road surface, improving wet handling and reducing your risk of hydroplaning
  • Extra-large and chunky tread blocks, with plenty of voice space, to give you excellent grip in deep snow
  • Studdable design, being pinned for #15 studs, so you can get even more grip in regions where studs are allowed

These are all great features, but as a general rule, you shouldn’t base your purchase decision entirely on what the manufacturer’s website has to say. Granted, there’s no better place to dig into the design details and study specifications, but if you want the complete picture, you need to check out some customer reviews.

Accordingly, what follows is a quick review round-up, where we take a closer look at what real people have to say about these Firestone winter tires. Read on or contact your local TIRECRAFT to book a personalized consultation with our Firestone winter tire specialists.

Review Round-Up: What Are People Saying About Firestone Winter Tires?

The best Firestone winter tires for off-roading

Review Roundup: What Are People Saying about Firestone Winter Tires?

“Excellent tires, very good reboot in loose snow and snow porridge,” writes Alexey from Valdivostok, Russia. “At the winter off-road competitions I never failed; I passed all the tests with dignity. Very pleased with this tire.”

The only downside was the cost, Alexey said, but TIRECRAFT can help. Not only do we frequently run Firestone winter tire promotions, but our customer rewards program turns every service or purchase into rewards points that can be spent to drive down the cost of seasonal tire upgrades.

Firestone Winter Tires’ Tread Life Creates Customers For Life

Review Roundup: What Are People Saying about Firestone Winter Tires?

“I am on my second set of Winterforce tires,” writes one customer from Edson, Alberta. “My first set was on for 3 winters and this is the second winter on the tires I have and I will run them one more winter. Best tire ever.”

Firestone Winter Tires Provide Incredible Ride Comfort

Review Roundup: What Are People Saying about Firestone Winter Tires?

“The ride and noise is better than the Goodyear ArmorTracs that they replaced,” states one review from Tire Rack testers. “The price is excellent—can’t get a better buy.”

Book A Firestone Winter Tire Talk: Contact Your Local TIRECRAFT

By combining real insights from customer reviews with personalized advice from an unbiased tire expert, you’re guaranteed great results on your next seasonal upgrade. Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to get in touch with one of our Firestone winter tire experts.