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Save Money And Reduce Waste With “Puncture-Proof” Michelin Tires

With SelfSeal technology, exceptional warranty coverage, and quality craftsmanship, Michelin tires are a great option for drivers looking to save money and reduce tire waste.

Read on to learn more, or contact your local TIRECRAFT to start a personalized Michelin tire consultation.

Keep Your Michelin Tires Puncture-Proof With TIRECRAFT

If you’re looking for ways to save money and reduce tire waste, your local TIRECRAFT has the answers, no matter what tire brand you choose.

“Scrap tires are a serious environmental concern,” states the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. “Proper maintenance will extend the life of a tire and delay its disposal.”

Among their top tips for longer wears, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation recommends:

  • Maintaining proper air pressure
  • Inspect tires regularly for wear
  • Rotating and balancing tires regularly to reduce wear-and-tear
  • Practicing good driving habits

We may not be able to improve your driving habits, but your local TIRECRAFT can take care of all the rest. We offer tire pressure checks and top-ups as a routine part of every service, and our tire balancing and rotation services have been helping drivers make the most of their Michelin tire purchases for over 30 years. And the more you choose TIRECRAFT for your Michelin tire maintenance calls, the more rewards points you earn, and the more you save.

Furthermore, when you buy Michelin tires at your local TIRECRAFT, you have the option to take part in the Advantage Plus Program, which makes your new set even more puncture proof and waste-resistant, thanks to:

Invest In “Puncture-Proof” Michelin Tires: Stay On The Cutting Edge With TIRECRAFT

Did you know that Michelin tires will soon be releasing an innovative airless tire, which is both puncture-proof and made from 47% recycled resources? It’s true!

Last September at the Munich Auto Show, Michelin tires unveiled their concept for a first-of-its-kind airless tire that is “immune to the punctures that render many useless” (Corbley, 2021).

Michelin’s Unique Puncture Proof Tire System, or UPTIS, uses a plastic matrix laced with glass fibers to provide a flexible outer layer and stiff interior.

Michelin’s “puncture-proof” tires are set for release in 2024.

Michelin’s “puncture-proof” tires are set for release in 2024.

“The truly distinctive structure of the Michelin UPTIS prototype really attracted the attention of many visitors and left a lasting impression on them,” said Cyrille Roget, Michelin Group Technical and Scientific Communications Director. “It was an exceptional experience for us, and our greatest satisfaction came at the end of the demonstration when our passengers, who were admittedly a little wary at first, said they felt no difference compared with conventional tires.”

While these Michelin tires aren’t yet available, you will be able to find them at your local TIRECRAFT right after their 2024 release.

Until then, you may be interested in SelfSeal Michelin tires, which help drivers avoid delays and repair costs by sealing up to 90% of summit tread punctures up to 6mm from nails and screws. Best of all, it remains an environmentally friendly option, using a natural rubber sealant material that has no noticeable impact on tire performance or rolling resistance.

Explore The Complete Michelin Tire Lineup At Your Local TIRECRAFT

Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to start a personalized Michelin tire consultation and start saving money on tire repairs.


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