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Summer Tire Storage Tips: Beat The Heat With TIRECRAFT

Taking five minutes out of your day to learn about proper summer tire storage could get you an extra year or two out of your specialty seasonal tires. Read on or contact our summer tire storage specialists to learn how to beat the heat and keep your snow tires in shape for next year.

Summer Tire Storage Tips: How To Beat The Heat For Better Tire Health

Many Canadians swap out their tires as the seasons change. In fact, according to the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada’s 2020 Winter Tire Survey, approximately seven-in-ten (72%) Canadian drivers now equip their vehicles with snow tires during the winter months, which means that seven-in-ten Canadians are also storing snow tires through the summer.

But if you ask how many Canadians are doing summer tire storage right, you might be surprised to see that figure plummet. That’s because heat and light complicate summer tire storage, turning perfectly suitable storage spaces into tire-fryers that can strip years off your treadlife. As a result of improper summer tire storage practices, thousands of specialty seasonal tire sets are taken out of service early every year.

If you’re looking to optimize tire summer storage and keep your snows out of the scrap pile for longer, TIRECRAFT can help. If you want a quick and easy solution, our professional summer tire storage service offers complete peace of mind, stowing your seasonal tires safely in a climate-controlled facility that eliminates exposure to ozone, direct sunlight, or harmful heat. We’ll also clean your tires prior to storage, apply treatments as required, and rotate the tire pile regularly to ensure equal pressure.

What’s more, when the winter months roll around, you’ll be able to pick up, install, and rotate your seasonal tires in a single visit—plus all of these tire services will get you rewards points via the MyTIRECRAFT Rewards app.

And if you’d rather stow your tires yourself this summer, we can help with that, too! Use the following summer tire storage tips to beat the heat:

1. Clean your tires prior to storage. Use some detergent, water, and tire brush to clean away the salt, grime, and other contaminants that build up over the season, or they’ll eat away at your tires in storage.

2. Skip the dressing. Tire compounds are already formulated to resist ozone cracking and other environmental stressors on their own, so you typically don’t need to spend extra money on dressings.

3. Bag your tires. Use airtight bags and make sure that both they and the tires are free from moisture before stowing. Remove as much air from the bag as possible, then tape it shut. This will help reduce the evaporation of oils from the tire compounds. If you’d prefer to use tires totes, contact your local TIRECRAFT for pricing.

4. Stay out of the sun. UV rays and heat can wreak havoc on tire compounds, so make sure you stow them somewhere cool and dark, like your basement or finished garage.

5. Choose the right summer tire storage option. There are three options for summer tire storage: standing them upright, stacking them on their sides, or hanging them on hooks or racks. If your tires are off the rims, the best option is standing, since it puts less stress on the tires. If you have to stack them, be careful not to stack them too high, and rotate the stack regularly to avoid uneven wear. Whatever you do, never hang unmounted tires, as this can warp and damage their shape. For tires with rims, stacking is preferred.

Free Quote On Summer Tire Storage—Contact Your Local TIRECRAFT

For more summer tire storage tips and information about our service, contact your local TIRECRAFT for a free consultation.