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Summer Tires Vs. All Seasons: 4 Reasons To Invest In Seasonal Tires

Summer tires aren’t just for summer, and performance tires aren’t just for the raceway. Today’s post highlights the top-4 reasons why more and more Canadians invest in summer tires every year.

Read on or contact your local TIRECRAFT to speak directly with a summer tire specialist.

1.   Summer Tires Offer Better Three-Season Performance

With their unique dimensions, specialized tread patterns, and rubber compounds, summer tires are perfectly engineered for:

  • Improved speed and agility
  • Increased cornering and braking capabilities
  • Maximum road-holding performance
  • Optimal performance in warm and wet driving conditions

And compared to all-seasons, well, there’s really no comparison! Remember: all-seasons are, practically by definition, a compromise; though they can get you by year-round, they don’t do anything particularly well.

If you’re looking for the best warm-weather driving experience, check out our full lineup of high-performance, maximum performance and ultra-performance summer tires.

2.   Summer Tires Provide Better Grip And Stop Sooner Than All-Seasons

“Summer tires offer better dry and wet grip than all-season tires,” says Mike Markoff, research lead at Goodyear’s high performance tire division, in an interview with AutoGuide. “They are designed to maximize grip in warm temperatures.”

Even if your daily driving needs don’t demand ultra-performance, the safety features alone make summer tires worth the money. Shaving even a few feet off of your braking distance in an emergency stop can make the difference between close call and collision, and tire research by the American Auto Association leaves no doubt as to the three-season superiority of summer tires, even in wet conditions, which may come as a surprise to some!

3.   Summer Tires Provide A Quieter, More Comfortable Ride

While tires vary greatly in road noise depending on their unique characteristics, it’s usually the case that summer tires are quieter than all-season alternatives. This is because summer tires tend to have fewer sipes and tread “slits,” which reduces pattern noise. For this reason, summer tires are especially popular with hybrid and electric vehicles, which lack engine sounds to cover the noise your vehicle makes when rubber meets the road.

If a quiet, comfortable ride is important to you, summer tires could be just what you’re looking for.

4.   Summer Tires Are More Affordable Than You Think

Don’t mistake “high performance” for high cost. There’s plenty of summer tires out there that actually cost less than all-season alternatives, and because they’re only used for three seasons out of the year, they tend to last longer, too. Your local TIRECRAFT carries all the best summer tire options at all different price points, and summer tire promotions are now running!

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