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Tire Balancing Near Me: What You Need To Know Before You Book

Want to save money and get great results on your next tire balancing service? Before you book, read on to learn four tips for smarter shopping, or contact your local TIRECRAFT to speak with a tire balancing specialist straight away.

Tire Balancing Is Essential For Road Safety—Best Leave It To The Pros

Tire balancing is crucial for road safety. It reduces wear on your tires, creates a smoother, vibration-free ride, and enhances handling and performance.

Because the stakes are so high, and because tire balancing requires special skills and equipment, it’s best to leave it to the pros. But not just any shop will do. For best results, we recommend finding a tire balancing technician with the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification.

For nearly 50 years, the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence has worked to improve the quality of tire balancing service by testing and certifying automotive professionals.

“ASE test questions are written by individuals representing the entire industry, based upon what you should know to do the job,” explains ASE president and CEO Tim Zilke. “Add in the experience requirement, and you have a nationally recognized credential.”

With more than 300+ TIRECRAFT tire balancing shops around the country, each with an ASE-certified specialist on hand, finding qualified pros has never been easier.

Tire Balance Problems Are Easy To Spot—Know When To Book

You should book a tire balancing service if:

  • You notice loud road noises and constant bouncing
  • You experience constant vibration in your vehicle—in the seat, in the steering wheel, in the floorboards
  • You buy any new set of tires
  • You notice any uneven tire wear
  • One of the weights on your rims has fallen off
  • You got a flat tire repaired
  • It has been more than 12 months or 20,000km of driving since your last tire balancing service

Low-Quality Tires Are Tough To Balance—you Might Need An Upgrade

When it comes to balancing, not all tires are created equal. Different tire sizes and types aside, certain cheaper tire options are known to be more difficult to balance because of their lower-quality molds and workmanship. In extreme cases, these imperfect, low-grade tires will never be quiet or comfortable, even when balanced, since some are not even perfectly round.

Simply put, if you feel like you’re spending money on tire balancing services a little too often, or you’re still feeling vibrations after your service, the problem might be better solved with a tire upgrade.

If that’s the case—or you just need to know one way or another—we can help. Our on-site tire technicians will be able to tell within a few seconds whether you’ve got a quality set of tires or not, and we know many of the low-grade problem tires by name.

If you need a tire upgrade, our selection is unparalleled, and we can help you save money on your next set via our customer loyalty program, national warranty program, and tire promotions.

Your Next Tire Balancing Service Could Save You Money

With the MyTIRECRAFT Rewards program, your next tire balancing service can earn you rewards points, which can be spent just like cash to drive down the costs of your next tire purchase or service. And for a limited time, new sign-ups get $20 worth of rewards points instantly!

Book Tire Balancing Near Me: Contact Your Local TIRECRAFT

Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to save money and get great results on your next tire balancing service.