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Tire Inflation Near Me: Fill Up And Stay Safe With TIRECRAFT

“Where can I find tire inflation near me?” With 300+ TIRECRAFT locations across the country, each of them carrying premium tire compressors for single use as well as for sale, it’s never been easier to manage your tire pressure and maintain your vehicle’s performance.

Read on to review the research related to the importance of proper tire inflation, or contact your local TIRECRAFT to access inflation solutions straight away.

Research Review: The Importance Of Proper Tire Inflation

Maintaining proper tire inflation requires only a few minutes of work every month, and in return, you get better energy-efficiency, fuel economy, wear resistance, and driving performance.

But don’t take our word for it—these claims are borne out by several major studies. For example:

  • Proper tire inflation reduces energy loss and improves fuel efficiency. In one study by Applied Energy, researchers Sina et al. (2015) noted how a “considerable portion of energy losses in a vehicle could be traced to tire pressure.” During their experiment, the research team noted that “power losses… decreased as inflation pressure increased” towards the manufacturer’s recommended PSI,” which in turn “lead to decrease of CO2 emissions” and more fuel savings.
  • Proper tire inflation improves braking efficiency and driver comfort during emergency maneuvers. One study by the Journal of Passenger Cars & Mechanical Systems found that proper tire pressure optimized “braking performance, control performance of ABS, and driving comfort during panic braking” (Savitsky et al., 2015).
  • Proper tire inflation reduces wear bounce, vibration, and wear. One study by the Journal of Terramechanics, which measured variations of wheel load and vibrations transmission from the ground to the tractor rear axle in agriculture applications, found that proper tire pressure greatly reduces roll, bounce, and pitch accelerations, putting less wear on your vehicle and reducing long-term repair costs (Nguyen & Inaba, 2011).

For all these reasons and more, we recommend checking your tire pressure at least once per month in mild weather. Since well-maintained tires will lose about one pound per square inch (PSI) after a month of standard driving, checking your tire pressure monthly will ensure they’re always inflated to the proper level.

In cold weather, you should check tire pressure more often since tire pressure can decrease by about one PSI for every 10 degrees the temperature drops.

Where To Find Tire Inflation Near Me: Fill Up At Your Local TIRECRAFT

We offer high-quality tire inflators/compressors for use and for sale, and we provide free tire pressure top-ups with every service and inspection. With 300+ TIRECRAFT locations around the country, it’s never been easier to keep your tires properly inflated, and every visit could earn you discount dollars via the MyTIRECRAFT rewards program. What’s more, every time you roll into your local TIRECRAFT for a top-up, you increase your odds of early detection, making it possible for our technicians to spot and fix minor issues before they spiral into major expenses.

To find tire inflation solutions near you, use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool on our website.


Nguyen, V. N., & Inaba, S. (2011). Effects of tire inflation pressure and tractor velocity on dynamic wheel load and rear axle vibrations. Journal of Terramechanics, 48(1), 3-16.

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Sina, N., Nasiri, S., & Karkhaneh, V. (2015). Effects of resistive loads and tire inflation pressure on tire power losses and CO2 emissions in real-world conditions. Applied Energy, 157, 974-983.