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Tire Rotation For Beginners: Top-5 FAQ And Where To Book Your Service

What are tire rotations, and are they even necessary for your vehicle? Today’s post runs down the top-5 frequently asked questions (FAQs), then explains where to book your next tire rotation for speedy, budget-friendly service.

Read on to learn more, or contact your local TIRECRAFT to book a tire rotation straight away.

1.   Why Do I Need To Spend Money On Tire Rotations?

The purpose of a tire rotation is to minimize irregular wear and extend the tread life of your tires. When you force a tire to work from the same position and in the same rotation direction over an extended period of time, certain overused parts of the tread will start to wear down faster than others. Over time, uneven wear can cause a whole host of problems, including:

  • Poor handling
  • Increase risk of tire blowout/failure
  • Reduced fuel efficiency
  • Reduce tread life

And if you frequently carry heavy loads in your vehicle, tire rotation is absolutely essential, as it ensures your back wheels aren’t always overloaded.

Tire rotations also give your tire technicians the opportunity to spot and correct uneven wear, which may be caused by poor wheel alignment. The sooner you spot these problems, the less you’ll need to spend on repairs and replacement parts.

2.   How Often Should I Book A Tire Rotation For My Vehicle?

Because all vehicles and tires are built differently, the best answer will be found in your owner’s manual or by booking a consultation with a TIRECRAFT technician. That said, most experts agree that you should book a tire rotation approximately every 10,000km or 6 months of driving—whichever comes first.

3.   How Do I Approach Tire Rotation With Directional Tread Patterns?

Tires with directional tread patterns should be rotated as normal, except that the direction of revolutions must not change.

4.   How Can I Tell It’s Time To Book A Tire Rotation?

Maintenance schedules aside, there are three main signs that tell you it’s time to book a tire rotation:

1.Uneven wear between tires

2. Vehicle vibration at high speeds, which is caused by uneven tire wear

3. Inconsistent pressure loss in your tires (e.g., one tire is losing air faster than the rest, which may indicate uneven loading)

5.   Where Can I Book A Tire Rotation Service Near Me?

Since 1990, TIRECRAFT has been helping Canadians maximize tread life, fuel efficiency, and driver comfort with fast and reliable tire rotation services, and we can do the same for you.

We work with all tire types and vehicles, from daily drivers to agricultural machinery and summer track stars, and we offer several options to help drive down service costs, including:

  • Free tire rotations included as part of the Advantage Plus ProgramMust be booked by appointment only and will be performed after 10,000km or by the vehicle manufacturer’s rotation schedule.
  • Customer loyalty rewards for all purchases and vehicle services, which can be utilized to decrease the costs of future tire rotations.
  • Limited time service discounts, which appear frequently on the TIRECRAFT Promotions page, particularly when it’s time for tire changeovers and seasonal maintenance.

With more than 300+ TIRECRAFT locations across the country, finding qualified tire rotations has never been easier. In fact, you’re only a few clicks away—to learn more about our tire rotation services and speak directly with a maintenance specialist, use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool.