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Cooper Weather-Master WSC Winter Tires


The Cooper Weather-Master WSC winter tire range is a stylish, stud-capable winter tire for all types of passenger vehicles, including SUV’s, CUV’s, minivans, and cars.


It achieves exceptional traction and acceleration in deep snow by the use of its directional, sharply carved tread design, with plenty of voids for the snow to fill and the tire to grab onto. Superior ice traction is granted by the densely packed numbers of sipes cut into each tread block as an additional biting edge. The rubber compound contains silica which allows the tire to remain soft in freezing temperatures, one of the primary benefits of all winter tires. The compound itself is balanced to give a good combination of traction and durability so it doesn’t wear out too quickly on the road.

Choosing Cooper Weather-Master WSC Winter Tires

If you need a premium, stud-capable winter tire that performs almost as well as some of the top tier brands, but at a much more affordable price point, the Cooper Weather-Master WSC is a great option to consider.