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TIRECRAFT Tips – The Importance of Regular Oil Changes

Did you know that regular preventative vehicle maintenance can increase the life of your vehicle? Oil and filter changes are one of the more important maintenance activities for your vehicle. Getting an oil change once every 5,000 – 10,000 km (or as per your vehicle’s recommended service intervals) allows your engine to stay lubricated and function properly.

To better understand why frequent oil and filter changes are important, you must understand what the purpose of oil is in your vehicle:

  • Oil lubricates your engine’s components:Your engine has many moving parts. Over time, your oil will begin to break down and dust and debris will begin to build up in the engine, making it harder for the components to move efficiently.  Adding clean oil will lubricate all the components, allowing them to function properly.
  • Oil acts as a coolant:  Without proper lubrication, the moving parts in your engine cause friction, which then create heat. Too much heat in your engine can cause it to overheat. Oil will help decrease friction and cool down your engine.
  • The Importance of your filter:   Oil filters help to remove the debris from your engine oil. Oil passes through the filter where debris is collected in the catch. If this is not frequently changed, then the filter will become clogged and negatively affect your engine.
  • Regular oil changes will also help your fuel efficiency: Having your engine properly lubricated will decrease the stress on all its moving parts and this will increase your fuel efficiency.

If you are unsure if your vehicle requires an oil change or if you need information on your vehicle’s recommended service intervals, call your local TIRECRAFT today! We can assist with evaluating your vehicle’s current condition, help with a proper maintenance schedule and plan future appointments to keep your vehicle on the road longer.