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*Nokian products are only available in Quebec*

As the world’s northernmost tire manufacturer, Nokian knows a thing or two about staying safe while driving in harsh conditions. They develop tires that are designed to thrive in the snow, off-road, and in other demanding driving conditions. Nokian is committed to providing those who drive in changing weather conditions with tires that will keep them safe.

Nokian Tires PLC was founded in 1998, but Nokian tires can trace their origin all the way back to 1898. That’s when the Suomen Gummitehdas Oy—also known as the Finnish Rubber Factory—first began operations. In 1934, they produced the first tires ever designed specifically for winter conditions. 

Every tire Nokian produces goes through a rigorous research and development process. In fact, it takes between two and four years of continuous development work before Nokian will let a new tire hit the road. That dedication to perfection is what has helped propel Nokian to the top of the list of trusted tire brands. 

Throughout it all, Nokian’s key R&D principle has remained unchanged for over 80 years: to develop tires that meet high safety and durability standards for people driving in northern conditions.

In 2013, Nokian tires helped set a new world record for the fasted speed achieved by a car on ice. Professional driver Janne Laitinen drove a car outfitted with Nokian tires across the Gulf of Bothnia at a top speed of 337.713 kilometres per hour. Janne Laitinen also holds the record for the fastest speed on ice in an electric car (252.09 kilometres per hour). This record was also achieved on Nokian Tires. 

Nokian is well known for taking on sustainability challenges as well as terrain challenges. This means all of their operations strive to meet sustainable development goals based on ethical principals, prevention of climate change, and respect for the diversity of nature. Nokian sources their raw materials from partners who are thoroughly vetted and found to have values that reflect their own. 


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