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Pirelli Scorpion Zero Truck Tires


Pirelli Scorpion Zero truck tires are an ultra-high performance option for light truck, SUV, and CUV drivers that need incredible road performance and safe off-road capabilities as well. It even comes with M+S branding that meets government standards for use in mud and snow. It can meet ultra high performance manufacturer standards all the way up to a Y-Speed rating.

Features of Pirelli Scorpion Zero Truck Tires

The Scorpion Zero is an incredibly stylish tire, and when paired with the right kind of rims, it can really turn heads – but there is substance with that style. It comes with a specialized tread compound that includes silica for better wet and cold grip and a longer expected tread life. The tread is also rip and tear resistant to better withstand the rigors of occasional off road use. The symmetric tread design helps the vehicle get traction in every kind of all season weather; starting, stopping, and cornering. Sipes and grooves are oriented in every direction for more grip from front to back and side to side. Multiple circumferential chutes are paired with sweeping grooves that extend through the sidewall to provide a fast way for water to clear the road way. This gives you better traction in wet weather and increases your defense against hydroplaning. A rounded shoulder edge block design gives you more precise control when cornering.

Choosing Pirelli Scorpion Zero Truck Tires

If you are looking for a tire that can stand up to every kind of weather and still manage the kind of premium comfort and traction you expect for your luxury SUV or light truck, the Pirelli Scorpion Zero should be high on your list of possibilities.