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Yokohama ADVAN S.T. Performance Tires


Yokohama ADVAN S.T. performance tires are an ultra high performance tire option for luxury SUV/CUV drivers who need the top end traction their vehicles require. It is built to meet the W and Y speed rating requirements of high end brands like Mercedes, BMW, and Porsche.

Features of Yokohama ADVAN S.T. Performance Tires

Yokohama has built one of the most capable SUV/CUV tires ever in the ADVAN S.T. It has a brand new silica based compound designed to give superior traction in both hot and dry conditions as well as in cool and wet ones. The solid centre rib gives the tire a stable footprint for excellent driving response at highway speeds. The large shoulder blocks enhance stability when under load during cornering. The dual grooves on either side of the centre rib evacuate water and increase wet traction. Drive comfort is enhanced by the 5 pitch variable tire tread which limits road noise.

SUV and CUV tires need additional strength in their casing to handle heavier loads and the ADVAN S.T. was built with that in mind. It has steel inserts in the sidewall to protect it from road damage and to give you greater control when cornering at high speeds. Heavier steel belts in the casing keep the tire from deforming at high speed and make sure that more tread rubber keeps in contact with the road at all times.

Choosing Yokohama ADVAN S.T. Performance Tires

If you need the best in handling for your luxury performance SUV or CUV, the Yokohama ADVAN S.T. will satisfy even the pickiest driving enthusiast.