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Top-4 Firestone All Season Tire Picks for Trucks in 2020-2021

Today’s post runs down the benefits of choosing Firestone’s all-season tires for trucks, then spotlights the top-4 consumer picks for 2020-2021. Read on or find a local TIRECRAFT to learn more about Firestone all season tires for any vehicle type.

Why Choose Firestone All Season Tires in 2020-2021?

Regardless of what type of Firestone all-season tires you choose, you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing:

  • Firestone has a storied history of success. The Firestone Tire Company has been exceeding customer expectations since the early 1890s, when Harvey Firestone took his new rubber-tired buggy to the track and won. With that win, Harvey got a taste for leading the competition, and Firestone has upheld that tradition for more than 115 years.
  • Firestone is trusted by professionals who demand premium performance. Firestone tires have helped secure more than 60 wins at the Indianapolis 500.
  • Buying Firestone all-season tires support essential green initiatives. Firestone is an environmentally-focused tire manufacturer, with stated goals to reduce CO2 emissions by 35% this year, and 50% by 2050!

Firestone Destination LE3 All-Season Tires for Light/Medium Trucks

Boasting a strong 4-star customer rating on the Firestone website, the Destination LE3 offers the following features:

  • TractionTech technology to even out tire wear over time
  • Hydro-Grip technology for enhanced water evacuation from contact patch under wet conditions
  • Full-depth 3D sipes engineer to maintain performance throughout the manufacturer’s warranty period

Firestone Destination LE2 All-Season Tires for Light Trucks, SUVs, and CUVs

After more than 280 reviews from light truck, SUV, and CUV drivers on the official Firestone website, the Firestone Destination LE2 earned a 4-star rating, thanks in large part to:

  • Continuous closed shoulder blocks that provide enhanced dry performance and wear life
  • Optimized noise sequencing that makes for a quiet, comfortable ride
  • Circumferential grooves, zigzag sipes, and sweeping slots for enhanced wet performance
  • Stepped inside notches to enhance traction in winter conditions

Buyers also receive a 90-day buy and try guarantee, so there’s really nothing to lose.

Firestone Destination A/T All-Season Tires for Light/Medium Trucks

More than 1200 customer reviews contributed to the Firestone Destination A/T’s perfect 5-star rating. Some of this tire’s top features include:

  • O-Bead technology, which uses a single, continuous strand of cable in the bead construction to improve uniformity and ride comfort
  • Long Link (LL) carbon, which improves tread wear and helps your Firestone all-season tires resist cracks, chips, and tears year-round
  • 5-degree noise reduction technology, which minimizes noise generation and enhances driver comfort
  • Continuous nylon spiral wraps that provide greater uniformity and high-speed capabilities

Firestone Destination A/T2 All-Season Tires for Light/Medium Trucks

Like its counterpart, the Destination A/T, Firestone’s Destination A/T2 earned a flawless 5-star rating on the Firestone website thanks to the following features:

  • Aggressive shoulder tread patterns to improve off-road handling
  • Full-depth interlocking 3D sipe technology to provide even wear and consistent performance
  • Increased surface and see-through void to enhance water evacuation and improve stopping/handling in wet conditions

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