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Touch Technology At TIRECRAFT: Why Choose Dunlop Tires For Your Vehicle?

If you’re on the hunt for a new set of tires, Dunlop deserves a place on the list. Today’s post reviews five reasons why so many Canadians choose to touch technology with Dunlop tires.

Read on to learn more, or contact your local TIRECRAFT for a free consultation and quote on Dunlop tires.

Dunlop Tires Have A History Of Success—100+ Years At The Top!

There’s more than a century of innovation and racing experience behind every Dunlop tire design. Dunlop was officially founded in 1888, and Dunlop tires have won hundreds of awards, including their first Grand Prix in 1923 and their first 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1924.

This kind of brand longevity just isn’t possible without quality products. If you’re not willing to trust your tire’s safety and performance to a lesser known, or quality brand, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more storied, reliable, and time-tested brand!

Dunlop Tires Are The #1 Choice For Many Top Vehicle Manufacturers

Dunlop is proud to be one of the top original equipment manufacturers (OEM) partner for Subaru, Mitsubishi Motors, Lexus, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, and many other top selling vehicle brands. Dunlop tires are also the #1 choice for high-performance vehicles at the British Touring Car Championship, the V8 Supercars Championship, and even the Canadian Superbikes Championship, just to name a few.

Versatility: There’s A Dunlop Tire Designed For Every Driver

Although they have a history of success on the track, Dunlop tires aren’t just for racing. The Dunlop tire family includes a wide range of all-season options for daily drivers, like the Dunlop Signature II All-Season Tire and the Dunlop GrandTrek Touring A/S; specialty winter tires, like the Dunlop Winter Maxx and Dunlop SP Winter Sport M3; to name a couple. Whatever your unique driving needs, there’s a Dunlop tire designed for you, and your local TIRECRAFT technician can help you find it, fast!

Dunlop Tires’ Unique Technology Offers Superior Safety And Performance

Whether you need to speed up track times in summer, or you’re trekking to work in the rain, sleet or snow, Dunlop tires have the technology to help. Thanks to their innovative Multi-Radius Tread Technology, developed over decades spent optimizing racing performance, Dunlop tires offer unparalleled steering responsiveness in wet and dry conditions.

If you’d rather stow your vehicle in the off-season, Dunlop tires have the tech for that, too. Thanks to their Hybrid Jointless Band Technology, Dunlop tires keep their shape for longer, greatly reducing the risks of flat spotting when the vehicle is parked for extended periods.

What’s more, thanks to Dunlop’s self-supporting technology (DSST) and a patented sidewall construction, you can drive safely on a flat Dunlop tire for up to 80 km at 80 km/h, without risking damage to your vehicle or worsening the chances of a successful tire repair.

These are just a few of the ways you can touch technology and drive better with Dunlop tires.

Dunlop Tires Offer Generous Warranty Coverage

To give their drivers even more peace of mind, Dunlop offers a generous warranty, which includes free tire replacements, temporary spare tires, and prorated adjustments for unserviceable tires. This warranty is in place for six years after the purchase date if certain conditions are met. And if you buy your Dunlop tires from your local TIRECRAFT, we can extend your coverage even further via the Advantage Plus Program!

To learn more about Dunlop tires’ Limited Manufacturer warranty or the Advantage Plus Program, get in touch with your local TIRECRAFT.

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