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Overview of Yokohama ADVAN NEOVA AD08R

The Yokohama ADVAN NEOVA AD08R is an extreme performance tire option built to satisfy the requirements of some of the fastest cars in the world. These tires can be driven on the track or on the streets and offer a good blend of high end comfort and traction.

Features of Yokohama ADVAN NEOVA AD08R

The majority of technical innovations in a high end sports tire take place where you can’t see them, in the casing and rubber compound. Size Specific Construction ensures strength where you need it most so the sidewall stays stiff and the tire maintains a consistent profile when cornering. Continuous rounded shoulder blocks give you a good feel for when you’re reaching the driving limits of your vehicle. The new MS Compound 2R used for the tread was developed by Yokohama and includes orange oil for extra traction. Orange oil also replaces a portion of the petroleum in the tire for a more environmentally responsible product.

Choosing Yokohama ADVAN NEOVA AD08R

If you have a fast car that begs to be driven to its limits, the Yokohama ADVAN NEOVA AD08R is the tire that can take you to the edge, and then back home again safely.

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    Choosing All Season Tires: TIRECRAFT’s Best Tips

    Deciding what all season tire is best for you involves taking a number of things into consideration. How you drive, where you drive and what you drive all come together to create the right tire for you. Wading through these questions can be a lot of work but here are some helpful hints on how to go about choosing the best all season tires:

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    Make TIRECRAFT your first stop for all of your commercial vehicle needs. From tires to services our commercial dealerships throughout Canada will be happy to help you get your vehicle set up with the best equipment and back on the road as quickly as possible.