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Truck Tire Repair You Can Count On: Why Choose TIRECRAFT On The Road?

Whether you’re looking to visit the best truck tire repair shop in your area, or you need a technician to come straight to you, TIRECRAFT can help you reduce downtime for your fleet and cut costs.

Read on to learn a few reasons why Canadian truckers choose TIRECRAFT for their truck tire repairs, replacements, and maintenance, or, feel free to  contact your local TIRECRAFT to start a free consultation straight away.

Save Time (And Save Money) With A True One-Stop Shop

When you choose TIRECRAFT for your truck tire repair, you have access to all the top tire brands- for pick-ups, service vehicles, and commercial trucks.  These include;

We also carry all the right tools for any tire job, and our certified tire technician can handle various truck tire repairs, from a quick patch job to a tire blowout replacement.

Eliminate Downtime: Get Help Whenever And Wherever It’s Needed

We make it possible for you to resolve your truck tire repair with a single phone call.  This avoids you having to shop around and incur service or commercial vehicle downtime!

When it comes to mobile truck tire repair, our response time is second to none, with 95% technicians arriving on-site within 90 minutes of calling the Tire Service Network, even during peak traffic times or when breakdowns occur off the beaten path.

Even if you’re not signed up to our web-based, 24/7 commercial truck tire repair service, you can expect the same speedy service anytime you bring your vehicle into one of our  shops.

Take Advantage Of Free Truck Tire Repair Services At TIRECRAFT

Have you taken advantage of the Advantage Plus program? Along with Road Hazard coverage and an extended Mechanical Warranty, eligible buyers of our truck tires may qualify for free flat tire repairs, so not only will you eliminate costly downtime—you may be able to eliminate your truck tire repair costs altogether!

Rack Up Rewards Points And Save Money On Your Truck Tire Repair

The MyTIRECRAFT Rewards program lets customers collect rewards points for every dollar spent on truck tire repairs and replacements, as well as any other maintenance service or products purchased. The sooner you sign up, the more you’ll save, and we’re constantly rolling out new truck tire promotions, so you can double-down on your discount.

Get A Free Quote On Your Truck Tire Repair—Contact TIRECRAFT

Since 1990, TIRECRAFT has been committed to keeping Canada’s fleets and service vehicles safe and productive, and we can do the same for you!

To get a free quote on your next truck tire repair or replacement, or to learn more about the Tire Service Network, use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool.