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Lincoln Repair in Maryhill, ON

Lincoln Vehicle Services


Maintaining your Lincoln vehicle will ensure it performs well, is reliable, durable, safe and has the best resale value. Therefore, you should have it serviced regularly.

Regular service and maintenance from our TIRECRAFT service centre can ensure your luxury vehicle performs at its best.

Whether your vehicle needs preventative maintenance or repairs, our team of expert technicians is prepared to handle them. We are dedicated to maintaining your Lincoln with quality parts and top-tier customer service, from oil changes to a transmission replacement we can manage it all and have you ready to pick up your service car and get on with your day.

We at TIRECRAFT recognize your Lincoln is a luxury vehicle- from the infamous Lincoln Navigator, the popular and recognizable SUV, to the black Town Cars you see all around airports- Lincoln is synonymous with high quality and performance. Our team of prompt, honest, service professionals offer competitive prices and high-quality service.

Some of our services include

  • Lincoln tire services

Having your tires properly inspected by an expert is of the utmost importance to TIRECRAFT. After your tire is dismounted, a thorough inspection of the tire is performed. Additionally, we perform industry-standard repairs, which include plugging and patching problems and balancing the tire and wheel assembly.

  • Lincoln wheel alignment

The position of the wheels indicates the alignment of the wheels to the vehicle. Proper alignment is necessary for a smooth and safe drive, without it, the wheels will resist your steering commands. The opposite direction of your tires can result in a struggle between them and wear on your tires. Therefore, we at TIRECRAFT provide accurate wheel alignment by our certified specialists.

  • Lincoln oil change, lube, and filter service

Oil changes are one of the easiest and most essential preventative maintenance services. As an engine oil cleans the moving parts and allows all of them to function smoothly, it keeps everything running smoothly.

Filtering the oil continuously prevents the oil from becoming contaminated with debris that may harm the engine. When the oil filter loses its cleaning ability, the oil becomes dirty, and its lubricating properties degrade. TIRECRAFT recommends changing the oil, as well as the oil filter, every -5,000 kilometres.

  • Lincoln battery services

A defective battery is the primary cause for your vehicle not to start and having you dig out those jumper cables or calling CAA for assistance. Fortunately, our technicians at TIRECRAFT can make sure that your car starts when you expect it to, whenever you need it to!

  • Lincoln mufflers and exhaust

Maintaining your vehicle’s muffler prevents pollutants from entering the atmosphere- environmentally safe, and, prevents harmful exhaust gases from entering the vehicle. Additionally, it minimizes the noise from engine exhaust to those around you.

TIRECRAFT Advantage Plus Program

At TIRECRAFT, we are committed to giving our customers satisfaction with our professionals and excellent services. As a TIRECRAFT tire customer you have the option for our “TIRECRAFT Advantage Plus” program.

The program includes

  1. Limited Manufacturer Treadwear Warranty
  2. 12 Month, 20,000km Mechanical Warranty
  3. 30 Day Tire Satisfaction Guarantee (No charge for tires and labour. Applies to the original purchaser. Personal vehicles only)
  4. FREE Flat Repairs
  5. Road Hazard Coverage
  6. FREE Tire Rotations (only will be performed after 10,000km or by vehicle manufacturers’ tire rotation schedule and not apply to seasonal change-overs)

Get the best out of your luxury Lincoln! For a smoother ride; visit your nearby TIRECRAFT, where our team can meet all your vehicle repair services.

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