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What Are The Best All-Season Tires For SUVs?

Today’s post reviews the top-3 all-season tires for SUVs, as determined by TireDeets’ independent track tests. Read on to discover the top performers for 2021, and find out how to save money and extend your warranty coverage at TIRECRAFT.

#1 All-Season Tire For SUVs: The Continental CrossContact LX20

The Continental CrossContact LX20 earned the TireDeets title of “Best Touring All Season Tires for SUV” in 2021, providing the ideal balance of tire performance features, along with a plush, noise-free ride.

In addition to superior drive comfort, these all-season tires proved to be very responsive and grippy, with strong braking performance in dry, wet, and snowy conditions. And if you’re a fuel-conscious driver, you’ll be pleased to learn that Continental’s EcoPlus Technology, which uses special polymers and a unique tread design to reduce rolling resistance and CO2 emissions, could potentially save you hundreds on gas each year.

The only downside to these tires is their middling treadwear warranty, which only covers 112,000km of driving. But extending your warranty coverage is easy; by buying your next set of all-season tires at TIRECRAFT, you can instantly combine Continental’s coverage with that which is offered by the Advantage Plus Program.

#2 All-Season Tire For SUVs: The Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus

In TireDeets’ independent track tests, the Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus solidified its place as the “go-to” choice for family SUVs and crossovers across Canada, providing the best ride quality and noise control of any tire in this category, along with exceptional high-speed stability, outstanding traction, competent grip, and powerful braking in all weather conditions. And though not as responsive as the Continental CrossContact LX20 featured above, these tires benefit from Bridgestone’s superior warranty coverage.

#3 All-Season Tire For SUVs: The Michelin Premier LTX

If responsiveness is on your feature wish list, you’d do well to consider the Michelin Premier LTX. TireDeets testing ranked these the number-one touring tires in this regard, blowing testers away with their instantaneous response to driver inputs. The Premier LTX also earns high marks for stability, grip, traction, and braking, with Bridgestone’s Expanding Rain Grooves working wonders in wet and snowy conditions, while still offering all the same comfort and noise control you’ve come to expect from Michelin manufacturers.

Browse All The Top All-Season Tires For SUVs: Contact TIRECRAFT

Want to browse all the top all-season tire options for SUVs in one place and get real, personalized advice? Contact your local TIRECRAFT.

We carry all the top brands under one roof, and our on-site tire experts will provide honest, unbiased advice, along with personalized tire recommendations as needed.

What’s more, we can save you money with our customer loyalty program, all-season tire promotions, and national warranty program, which combines seamlessly with the manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to start browsing the best all-season tires at a store near you.