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What’s The Best Way To Find Tires Near Me During COVID-19?

“What’s the best way to find tires near me during COVID-19?” Today’s post shares some research and online shopping tips to keep tire-buyers safe until the pandemic threat period has passed.

Read on or contact your local TIRECRAFT to start a free consultation and book your COVID-safe service straight away.

Can I Find Tires Near Me Online During COVID-19?


As a COVID-safe solution that lets us shop as we shelter-in-place, e-commerce is booming, with Forbes reporting that the pandemic has accelerated the online economy’s growth by 4 to 6 years. Even car dealerships are making the switch to online retail during COVID-19, writes the Globe and Mail. In light of all that, it’s no surprise that many people are now going online to shop for tires.

But if you’re going to shop for tires online, you need to do it right.

  • Find reputable online tire retailers near you. Check for reviews on authoritative, third-party platforms, like the company’s Google My Business listing. Look for companies with plenty of reviews and an average rating of 4 stars or more, like your local TIRECRAFT. If possible, buy local, since you’ll have easy access to any support you may need, and you’ll probably save on the cost of delivery or pick-up.
  • Review the company’s COVID-19 policy. It’s been nearly a year since the start of the pandemic, so businesses have no excuse for failing to implement proper safety protocols. Make sure the company you choose offers remote consultations and contactless services (e.g. tire delivery/installation), along with sufficient safety protocols where in-person interactions are needed (e.g. masking, social distancing, contact tracing, in-store capacity limits, and cleaning cars after service). You can learn more about our COVID-19 response on the TIRECRAFT COVID-19 Notice page.
  • Avoid pandemic profiteers. Whatever tire brand you choose, TIRECRAFT gets you more for your money, with exciting tire promotions, MyTIRECRAFT Rewards points, and extended warranty coverage through the Advantage Plus Program.
  • Opt for one-stop shops where possible. The more you can limit your contact and local interactions, the better. One-stop shops like TIRECRAFT give you everything you need under one roof, so you can minimize your risk of infection and help slow the spread as you shop.

Book A COVID-Safe Tire Consultation At Your Local TIRECRAFT

Before, during, and after the pandemic, TIRECRAFT is your trusted source for tire and automotive solutions.

Plenty has changed in the “new normal,” but while our consultations might look a bit different, TIRECRAFT clients can expect the same honest advice, unparalleled selection, and award-winning customer service.

Get in touch with your local TIRECRAFT today to browse all the top tire brands, including:

You’ll have the option of booking a masked, socially distanced showing in person, or viewing our catalog 100% remotely, from the comfort of your home. All in-person tire consultations will follow stringent safety policies, as detailed on our COVID-19 Notice page. Either way, you’ll have personalized and unbiased advice, as our tire techs are not beholden to any specific tire brands.

Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to book a 100% free, COVID-safe consultation, and get a same-day quote on the best tires for your needs and budget.