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Why Book A Motor Vehicle Inspection With TIRECRAFT?

Need a motor vehicle inspection to complete a sale or get insured? Your local TIRECRAFT can help. Read on to learn why so many Canadians trust our team, or contact your local TIRECRAFT to get a free quote on a motor vehicle inspection.

All Motor Vehicle Inspections Are Provided By ASE-Certified Experts

Since 1972, the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence has been helping consumers find qualified motor vehicle inspections through stringent training and certification. Not only are TIRECRAFT motor vehicle inspection stations licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, but also our technicians are all ASE-certified, so you never have to worry about subpar service.

All Motor Vehicle Inspection Services Offered Under One Roof

Generally speaking, there are 3 kinds of motor vehicle inspections, all of which you’ll find at your local TIRECRAFT:

  • Courtesy inspections are quick visual checks that can spot obvious problems with essential vehicle components, such as uninflated tires, frayed wipe blades, corroded battery terminals, or dirty air filters. These quick checks stop minor issues from turning into major expenses, and they’re included as part of most of our standard vehicle maintenance services.
  • Insurance inspections are typically ordered by insurance companies when drivers request coverage for new vehicles, as well as anytime vehicles change carriers. In most provinces, insurance inspections are also needed in order to insure any vehicles that are 10 years or older. These special motor vehicle inspections are available by request. An ASE-certified TIRECRAFT technician will check your brakes, exhaust, suspension, and more.
  • 20-point inspections are also available by request. This is the most comprehensive option available, involving a thorough inspection of the powertrain, suspension, brakes, steering, instruments/auxiliary equipment, lamps, electrical, body, tires and wheels, and coupling devices, along with a road test, as required by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

No matter what you drive, or what kind of motor vehicle inspection you need, TIRECRAFT is up to the task.

Take Action On Your Motor Vehicle Inspection Report Straight Away

As of July 1, 2012, all motor vehicle inspections must include an inspection report “noting important information about the results of the inspections, including measurements for specified components (e.g. tire tread depth); and, any warning lamps that are illuminated” (MTO, Regulation 601).

But what do you do when that report reveals multiple problems with your vehicle?

Don’t fret: not only will your TIRECRAFT technician provide you with a complete motor vehicle inspection report, but we’ll also give you the option to fix any problems we flag straight away. Because we offer all automotive repair and maintenance services in-house, alongside an extensive selection of brand-name tires, parts and accessories, you’ll have the option to take immediate action to meet your insurance requirements.

Free Quote On Motor Vehicle Inspections Near Me—Contact TIRECRAFT

With more than 300+ TIRECRAFT locations around the country, finding a qualified motor vehicle inspection has never been easier. Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to get started.