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Firestone Destination MT Truck Tires

Firestone Destination MT Truck Tires


Firestone Destination MT truck tires are a rugged light truck tire for trucks and SUV’s that love to get dirty. It even comes pre-molded for studs for drivers that want the best possible traction on ice and snow.

Features of Firestone Destination MT Truck Tires

Beyond just its huge chunky lug pattern, the Destination MT has a full suite of tire improvements to enhance traction. Firestone utilizes its computer optimized component system to make sure that each element is correctly placed for both traction and durability. A single continuous strand of metal cable called the O-Bead helps the tire maintain uniformity. Dura-Loc technology gives the tire added strength for off-roading with the addition of 3 polyester plies and high strength tire-in construction. An added rim guard protects your wheel from any potential dents and scrapes. The huge lugs run all the way through the shoulder and are self-cleaning, so you’ll be able to grab traction on each and every wheel rotation. Long Link Carbon construction protects the tire from cracking, chipping, and tearing; all potential threats to an avid off-roader.

Choosing Firestone Destination MT Truck Tires

Any driver who is more at home in the mud than on the road should consider the Firestone Destination MT for their next set of truck or SUV tires.