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Winterize Your Ride: How To Maintain Car Brakes In Winter

It goes without saying that functional brakes are essential for safe winter driving, and yet many Canadians are unaware of how car brake maintenance requirements change in the cold season.

Today’s post explains how winter affects your cars brakes, and how to take care of all your seasonal maintenance under one roof.

Read on to learn more, or contact your local TIRECRAFT to get a quote on car brake repair, maintenance, and replacements straight away.

How Winter Affects Your Car Brakes: Ask Your Local TIRECRAFT

Good news: by itself, the cold will have little or no effect on your brake system. No matter how far the temperature drops, the extreme weather won’t stop your car brakes from doing their duty; in fact, due to the friction generated between the brake pads and rotors, your brake system will quickly heat up and even stay warm for a short amount of time after being parked.

The cold isn’t the only thing we have to contend with in the winter, especially if you live in a snow belt region…

When you drive on winter roads for holiday gatherings or your morning commute, snow, slush, and water sprays your brake pads and rotors. Later that night, when the temperature dips below zero, that snow can harden and the water may freeze, making your car brake system less responsive- producing grinding, squealing noises that can be a bit unsettling, especially when road conditions already are not ideal.

We know by now that car brakes produce heat when they’re used, which can melt away ice and snow, causing those grinding and squealing noises to go away after a few minutes of driving. But that repeated freeze-and-thaw cycle can really do a number on your car brake system.

At the same time, road salt, while generally an advantage for winter driving, can also accelerate the wear on your car brake system.

So how do you prevent cold-weather wear-and-tear and winterize your car brakes? You make time for seasonal maintenance at your local TIRECRAFT.

Winterize Your Ride: Get A Free Quote On Car Brake Maintenance

For the last 30+ years, we’ve been committed to keeping Canadians safe on the roads with premium tires products and essential repair/maintenance services. To date, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of drivers keep their car brakes in shape through the winter months, and we can do the same for you.

We offer a full suite of car brake repair, maintenance, and replacement services at each of our 300+ TIRECRAFT locations, including:

  • Car brake fluid checks and top-ups
  • Car brake pad service
  • Bleeding brake line repairs
  • Shoe and liner replacements
  • Master cylinder replacements
  • Brake cleaning
  • ABS service and diagnostic
  • Car brake part replacements, and more

To get a free quote on your next car brake repair service, use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool on our website.