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Wheel Alignments

Wheel Alignment Service: Why Do I Need One?

Wheel Alignment Service: Why Do I Need One?

car mechanic installing sensor during suspension adjustment and automobile wheel alignment work at repair service station

Are you constantly adjusting your vehicle or practically fighting the steering wheel by putting extra force so you can drive your car straight? Or perhaps your car tires are worn out unevenly quicker than anticipated?

If these sound familiar, then it might be time to get your wheels aligned.

Ensuring your wheels are accurately aligned not only improves the performance but also longevity of your vehicle. When you look at your tires, you may notice that they are wearing more on one side than on the other. So, your car needs a proper wheel alignment for a balanced ride, improved mileage and longer tire tread life. Therefore, it is essential to maintain accurate alignment in your vehicle to ensure the best quality and performance.

But first, what is a Wheel Alignment?

A wheel alignment refers to comparing the angle of your wheels to each other and your vehicle’s body. The purpose of an alignment is to ensure that the wheels direction is within the manufacturer specifications. If they aren’t aligned, it can cause multiple problems with your vehicle were repairs costs can add up quick.

The alignment of the wheel is adjusted by altering the vehicle’s suspension. So, technically, an alignment of wheels means adjusting the suspension components and not adjusting the wheels/tires themselves.

How do you know your vehicle needs a Wheel Alignment?

When the angle of your wheels become skewed, there come various changes to your driving experience. There are some warning signs mentioned below so you know the signs that you might need to get your wheel alignment checked –

  1. Vehicle pulling  – If your vehicle is pulling off in one direction, it is an indication that the camber or caster angle of your vehicle is not within specifications and if your vehicle seems to pull in both directions then, this can be because of loose suspension or steering parts.
  2. Off centered steering wheel -If your steering wheel is crooked, then it is an indication of not being within specifications. Worn steering components in your vehicle can also cause this problem.
  3. Tread wear -Tread wear across the tires width is also a symptom that your vehicle needs a wheel alignment. If you run your hand over the tire tread and feel the irregular pattern, then get your alignment soon.
  4. Vehicle noises – It typically indicates a steering or suspension problem if you hear squeaking, creaking, knocking, or rubbing in your vehicle. It can be because of loose or worn out components that are under your vehicle.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, chances are something isn’t right in your vehicle. So, be sure to book into your nearby TIRECRAFT today, as it may mean that there’s an issue with your suspension or your wheels and tires.

What does Wheel Alignment do?

The alignment of the wheel gives many benefits to your vehicle. These include-

  1. Improve fuel economy – Misaligned tires decrease the gas mileage as it drags the tire, but when you align them properly, it can help tires rotate properly and parallel to one another. It means that the vehicle does not have to work hard or burn as much fuel to travel forward. So, with proper alignments, you can save money at the fuel pumps.
  2. Reduce vehicle pulling – Another benefit of having the wheels aligned properly is that your vehicle can be easier to drive. An alignment can help to reduce the chance of the vehicle pulling to one side or the other, or drifting off to the side while driving.
  3. Improve tread wear – Regular wheel alignments improve the life of your tires by extending their usable lifetime. Aligned tires prevent premature wear, allowing a driver to get full use out of their tire purchase.
  4. Smoother ride – When the tires are out of alignment, your vehicle may pull right or left, leading to a bumpy, vibrated ride. But a wheel alignment smooths your ride and gives you the best driving experience.

How often should the Wheel Alignment be done?

To ensure the optimal safety of your car, it is best to opt for a wheel alignment 1 – 2 times per year. Typically drivers get their alignment checked twice per year while getting seasonal tire change overs complete. If you don’t have seasonal tires, ask your mechanic for an alignment check during your next oil change or mechanical service visit.

It is also important to visit a reputable car service center for wheel alignment service of your car. You can visit your local TIRECRAFT, and our skilled and experienced car technicians will help you align your wheels as necessary. Call to book your next appointment today!