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Spark Plugs in Fowlers Corners, ON

Everything you need to know about Spark Plugs

Spark Plugs

Keeping up with the regular maintenance of your vehicle is a lot harder than it sounds. Sure, you probably know when to get the oil changed, when to change to your winter tires and when the tires need to be filled with air, but there are so many additional parts in your vehicle that need regular upkeep and maintenance too. Spark plugs may be small parts, but they play an incredibly important role in the functioning of your car.

What are Spark plugs, and what do they do?

Spark plugs are small electrical devices that are designed to fit in each cylinder of your gasoline-powered internal-combustion engine. They provide the initial spark that causes the combustion within the engine to start your vehicle and help them to keep it moving. These are located at the top of the cylinder head.

The fuel in the vehicle is moved from the gas tank through the fuel lines into the fuel injectors, mixed with oxygen. This has been sucked into your engine via the air intake. This special mixture of fuel and oxygen is then pushed into the cylinder, where the spark plug ignites it and sets the car into motion.

When to replace Spark plugs?

A healthy set of spark plugs are essential to keep your vehicle working properly, but over time, unburnt gas and oil can lead to a buildup of debris that will make it tougher to start your vehicle. So, when this happens, it’s time to replace them. It’s better to get them replaced when you start to notice the warning signs. Some of the symptoms that indicate it’s the time for new spark plugs include:

  1. Increased fuel consumption – If you notice that there is quick fuel depletion in your vehicle instead of the normal rate, it is a sign of faulty spark plugs. Incomplete combustion results in increased fuel consumption and emissions.
  2. Lack of Acceleration – If your engine is not responding and you are struggling to increase your vehicle’s speed, then this is a sign of faulty spark plugs in your car. So, this needs immediate replacement to restore your engine’s performance.
  3. Engine misfiring – If your engine stops for a moment and then regains its normal operation, then it is typically because of an issue in your car’s ignition system. This can cause the car engine to misfire, and thus it affects the performance of your vehicle. So, it’s very important to get an immediate replacement for bad spark plugs. The experts at TIRECRAFT also advise regular checking of the spark plugs to ensure that your car isn’t running on bad terms.
  4. Poor idle quality – Poor idle quality and vibrations are the most common warning signs that indicate faulty spark plugs as your car engine runs at lower RPM during idling. This results in the engine becoming rougher and producing vibrations.
  5. Difficulty starting the vehicle – If you have trouble starting your car after being off for a few hours, then it may be time to get your old spark plugs replaced.
  6. Check engine light – If your vehicle’s check engine light has flashed on the dashboard, then it may be because of faulty spark plugs.
  7. Noisy engine – If you notice that your vehicle’s engine is really loud, it may be because of malfunctioning of your spark plugs. It reduces the effectiveness of the cylinder and thus creates strange noises.

If your car is experiencing any of these symptoms, the chances are that your spark plugs are malfunctioning. Faulty spark plugs have the potential to cause damage to various other parts of the engine.

But with some simple periodic maintenance, you can extend the life of your vehicle’s spark plugs. This will allow you to save a lot of money that you would otherwise end up spending on replacing the damaged parts due to faulty spark plugs and give you a safe and comfortable ride.

How can you boost your spark plug life?

You can boost your vehicle’s spark plug life by following some simple tips mentioned below-

  1. By choosing the right type of spark plug for your vehicle – Before installing the spark plug, be sure to choose the correct type of plug recommended for your car’s engine. Experts at TIRECRAFT ensure the right parts are ordered for your vehicle.
  2. By regularly checking the spark plugs gap – The spark gap between the two electrodes is crucial. If the gap between them is too little, the spark will be very weak, and if it’s too much, there might just be no spark at all. So it’s important to check your owner’s manual to see how much the ideal spark gap should be for your vehicle.
  3. By cleaning the mounting area – It is very important to clean off the area where the spark plug is mounted. It can be done by wiping off all the debris and oil from that area before mounting the spark plug back into position.

What are the benefits of the Spark plugs service?

The primary benefit of replacing a faulty spark plug is that your car will start without a hitch. Apart from this, other benefits include –

  1. Better fuel economy -When faulty spark plugs are replaced at specific intervals, it maximizes your vehicle’s fuel economy and thus saves money.
  2. Less harmful emissions – Regular engine tune-ups, especially regarding spark plugs, not only save on gas but also help you to protect the environment by reducing air pollution.
  3. Improved acceleration – Replacing faulty spark plugs improves the current flow of your car’s system and thus improves acceleration.
  4. Smoother engine – Continuous combustion makes your engine run smoothly, which can be done by replacing old spark plugs. It makes your vehicle run with zero hassle and provides you with a safer and comfortable ride.
  5. Increases performance and efficiency – Getting new spark plugs will improve the performance of your vehicle’s engine and help it run at the maximum capability.
  6. Improved ignition– As you know, spark plugs efficiency matters a lot because the better the plug performs, the lower the ignition voltage will be. So, replacing a faulty spark plug gives an overall improvement in starting your vehicle.
  7. Saves money – By keeping good maintenance of tiny spark plugs, you need not worry about spending money as spark plugs are doing a great job in the heart of engines and help you have a safe and comfortable ride.

How to select new spark plugs for your vehicle?

When selecting new spark plugs for your vehicle, make sure that you select the right ones.  TIRECRAFT will be able to help you do this, and you’ll have plenty of different models to choose from. There are precious metals like platinum or iridium that may be costly compared to those which use common metals like copper, but they generally withstand wear far better. So, it’s always better to select the same brand and model of any service that the vehicle came with.

How often should Spark plugs be replaced?

If you use a hard rule for replacing spark plugs, rather than replacing them based on their condition, they should be serviced roughly every 80,000km – 160,000km depending on the vehicle type and driving conditions. Also, it is always recommended to check the owner’s manual to see what works best for your vehicle.

So, if you think you need a spark plug replacement or vehicle tune-up, do not hesitate to reach out to your nearby TIRECRAFT. Our expert helps you remove and replace your spark plugs and inspects your vehicle’s ignition system based on the manufacturer’s specifications and helps you to get back on the road.

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